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If you're working to build a great retirement, stop listening to weekend investment talk radio. The economics of these local shows encourage the sale of investment product rather than offering sound investment advice. 


In this week's episode, I answer listener questions and talk about the difference between investment and investment product and why too much worry will rob you of your life. 

Brenda asks: 

"What do you think about those weekend radio shows where they talk about "no risk investing" and how their clients "never lose money"? Are they legit?"

In my answer I discuss:

  • The economics of weekend investment talk radio.
  • Why you should be careful in responding to messages playing off your fear or greed.
  • The differences between investments and investment products.
  • How to make smarter investment decisions.

Janie Asks:

Question: My husband and I are both self-employed. (I am 35, he is 40). I am paralyzed with stress about retirement. We save about $20,000 per year, max out Roth, remainder in mutual funds. In addition. we also save for college funds (3 kids) and paying $350/month extra towards 30yr fixed mortgage. (Really have only been able to save like this for past 5 years--prior to that paying off student loans, building business etc.)

We have no credit card debt and no car payments.

What stresses me out, is that I don't have a traditional 401K so I don't know what is "normal" amount saved. 

I guess my question is. . . . . is 20% the right amount? Is it  WAY low?  Way high?

Frankly, I want to be safe. I had a very uncertain, unstable childhood. I've built a great life for myself but I find myself not being able to enjoy my efforts because I'm constantly worried about the what ifs. (Are you a financial planner and a shrink. . lol).

In my answer I discuss:

  • Why Janie needs to STOP worrying and start living more (I say it with love).
  • Why Janie and her husband should be PROUD of their progress.
  • The dangers of constant financial worry.
  • How a having sound plan can help lessen financial worries.
  • How a good financial planner might bring needed perspective and structure to their financial life.

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