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Walt Disney World is the classic family vacation. 

If you’re planning on visiting Walt Disney World, you’re going to love this week’s  PLAN WELL INVEST WISELY podcast. I speak with Lou Mangello, an internationally recognized expert on the Walt Disney World Resort.

Lou is a former attorney from New Jersey who has made his lifelong passion (Walt Disney World) his full time career. His website is an amazing resource for all things Disney. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • His book, 102 Ways to Save Money for and at Walt Disney World
  • How to safe money on your Disney World vacation
  • The best and worse times to visit Walt Disney World
  • When Walt Disney World is busiest
  • When it costs less to go to Walt Disney World
  • How to begin planning your Walt Disney vacation
  • How to maximize your time and still have fun
  • Discount ticket sources
  • The advantages of the Disney annual pass
  • How to get discounts on food and lodging
  • Things to consider when buying your ticket package  (to park hop or not?)
  • Whether to stay on or off property
  • Simple strategies to save money on food and drinks at Disney
  • Saving on Souvenirs
  • What to pack to make your day at Disney World comfortable

Resources Discussed

For a TON of resources to help plan your trip to Walt Disney World visit



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How to pay for college is one of the most frequent questions I get from parents.

This week I interviewed Celest Horton from How to Pay For College HQ to learn about the great resources to help parents pay for college.

Celest knows it's possible to pay for college without student loans (she did it). Each week, on her How to Pay for College HQ podcast she interviews industry experts to help listeners learn what is necessary to plan, prepare and pay for college without the assistance of loans.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The need for your teenager to be engaged in the process of selecting a college and applying for aide
  • The importance of your teenager to show a "demonstrated interest" in schools they want to go to so they can improve their chances of receiving merit aide. They can do this by following a school on social media and intreating with the admissions department.
  • How a high school senior could graduate with 1 or 2 years of college credit by taking duel purpose classes in high school to earn college credit.
  • What the FAFSA form is and why its important to complete in January each year.
  • The importance of researching potential college's average SAT scores, tuition and how generous they are with merit aide.

Resources Discussed

  • Online resource for scholarship opportunities to help pay for college
  • College Navigator Online resources to research average tuition, SAT and aide for colleges
  • College Data Online resources to research average tuition, SAT and aide for colleges

Visit How to Pay for College HQ to receive the free report : Top 5 Things Every Parent Should Know To Pay for College Without Loans

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In this Plan Well Invest Wisely podcast, Roger Whitney interviews Lauren Gaggioli, founder of Higher Test Prep Scores. They discuss the importance of the SAT and how to help your child select the right school for them.

Here are some of the topics Lauren and I covered:

  • The importance of taking college preparatory tests such as ACT, SAT, PSAT.
  • Determining which test(s) to take when choosing a college.
  • The advantages of taking both ACT and SAT tests.
  • Motivating students to take responsibility in preparing for college.
  • Why some students should consider taking an intentional "gap" year between high school and college.
  • With their parents' help, students should examine themselves (passions, strengths, personality) to discover which college may be a best fit for them.
  • Various kinds of financial aid, including need-based and merit-based.
  • Why students should diversify their college options.

To learn much more about ACT, PSAT and SAT test prep, listen to Lauren's free podcast called The College Checklist.

Lauren is offering a FREE video on her website at Higher Test Prep Scores.

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It's spring and the desire to spend time outside with the family is blooming. Before you allow that budding desire to lead you to buy an RV, boat or other recreational item make sure you closely look at the potential pitfalls of ownership.

In this episode, host Roger Whitney tells his story of how he did everything wrong when he purchased an RV. He also outlines 10 things you should consider before you purchase your RV.

This is the REST of the story not told in the RV brochures and outdoor shows that are springing up this time of year.

Have a retirement or personal finance question? Ask Roger here and he'll answer personally.

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How do you find the right financial advisor for you and your family?

In this special mid-week edition, host Roger Whitney gives you a framework for how to interview a financial advisor candidate and 15 questions you should ask to help choose the right financial advisor for you.

In this episode he covers:

  1. Why it is important to interview multiple financial advisors
  2. What to look for in a financial advisor
  3. Pre-work you can do before you meet the financial advisor
  4. 15 questions to ask to help you find the right financial advisor for you and your family

For a Trusted Advisor worksheet to use in your interview process go to

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