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IS ANYONE THERE???  I ask because, no one wants to talk about dying or end of life costs. Seriously, when does one bring this subject up?  At a family dinner?? Maybe on your Saturday date night???  Most likely the subject is broached when you bear witness to the devastating effects it has on someone you know.

The Emotional and Financial Costs of End of Life Care

I've learned a lot about the devastating costs of end of life care lately. Over the last year, there's been a lot of death in my family. Last year my sister, Barbara passed away at age 51 and my aunt Nicola passed too. Now, at age 96, my grandmother is tiring out and is in hospice.

When someone you love is dying, it takes a toll on everyone close to them. If you're not careful the emotional and financial toll can be devastating.

In this episode,

We'll discuss:

  • How to manage the emotional cost of end of life
  • The role of family in end of life
  • The average cost of end of life care
  • The uncertainty of the end of life process
  • Ways to plan for end of life costs
  • The importance of good estate planning documents
  • How to write a family love letter

Listener Question

After listening to episode #69 I have had a question I have needed answered for a while.. .

Quick background Im 33yrs old have no retirement working on life/work balance.

Married 3 kids

Built my own business for last 8 years best profits have come last 2 years and current year.

I have no debt personally besides my mortgage.

I have some business debt im paying off over next 2 years.



My question is how much should I start investing in retirement vs reinvesting into my company to help it grow. Up until age 30 I have had the mindset that ill invest in my retirement later and building the company

Great question!  I struggled with this question as well and work with many owners that have the some issue. We business owners tend to be very confident in our abilities and company. Most business owners have the majority of their assets tied to their business. Makes sense, since typically the best return on investment is investing in themselves.

If we're not careful, though, we can become addicted to fueling our business and fail to diversify our assets outside our business.
We'll discuss:

  • The difference between a cash flow business and enterprise.
  • How to decide when to start diversifying your assets outside your business.
  • The difference between wealth creation and wealth preservation and growth.
  • The importance of not getting "addicted to the deal."
  • How to separate your business and personal finances.
  • The importance of "don't go broke" money.


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