Retirement Answer Man

At the end of day, all that matters is what retirement means to you. Forget what the commercials say. Forget what the brochures say. Forget much of what your advisor may say. You don't have a "number", you have a life that you get to define and live. 

This week, I'm starting a new series called Retirement to Me, where you, the listener, get to share the lessons you've learned along your journey and what retirement means to you. 

Your Story is Important. 

Each of you have unique experiences, knowledge and perspective about money and retirement. By sharing your story, you can have a positive impact on other's journey and help them view retirement from a fresh perspective. My guess is, by telling your story you'll learn more about yourself as well.

Here's How it Works

  • I'll interview willing listeners for approximately 20 minutes about their money and retirement story.
  • Our conversation will be just that: an informal conversation (no fancy interview structure).
  • I'll ask the same 10 questions (see below).
  • You'll get the exact questions beforehand.
  • Our talk will be prerecorded to allow for review and editing before publishing on the podcast.
  • You can share as much or as little as you're comfortable with. In order to protect your identity, you can change your name and/or elements of your story.
  • As a thank you, any participant whose talk is aired will receive a 30 minute planning call with me to address any financial issue they'd like to discuss.


Let me know here (remember to include your e-mail!)

I'll Go First

To start things off, here is my money and retirement story.


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