Retirement Answer Man

Most of the personal finance blogs you read focus on how to be more frugal. How to cut costs so you can safe and invest for retirement. it's important to be frugal but frugal only goes so far.

I've invited Paula Pant from Afford Anything to chat about frugality and what might be a better place to focus your time if you're saving for retirement.

Paula, is a thirtysomething that has chosen a unique path for her life. She's rejected the "normal" work path baby boomers learned and has embraced the opportunities of the growing freelance economy. Us "old folks" can learn from this sharp lady.

Show Topics Include:

  • The diminishing returns of frugality
  • The opportunities to earn income
  • A different way to approach retirement
  • Understanding the new freelance economy
  • What side hustle is
  • How to find income opportunities
  • Her article Flex Your Hustle Muscle

PLUS Listener Questions & Webinar Feedback

  • What are the actual mechanics of drawing money from my accounts during retirement?
  • Can you explain return sequence risk?
  • Is iCloud storage save for my In Case of Emergency plan?
  • How do distributions work from an inherited IRA
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