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You may think that having saved a nice nest egg and having a purpose will ensure that you are all set to rock retirement. Unfortunately, you need to think again. Without functional health, you may not be able to enjoy your retirement savings and purpose. 

Creating a specified exercise plan can ensure that you develop the functional health necessary to do all the things you want to do so that you can rock retirement. Listen to this episode with Dr. Bobby Dubois to learn how to cultivate an exercise plan that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Don’t let the economy derail your retirement plan

Watching the news these days can derail your confidence in rocking retirement. A combination of continued inflation, rising interest rates, and falling stock prices are downright scary when you’re in or approaching retirement. Uncertainty is not something that pairs well with carefully thought-out retirement plans. 

Some of us think that more data will help us better our plan for the future. However, no one knows what the future holds. Is this all just a blip on the economic radar or is it the start of something bigger?

The only thing that remains consistent over time is our values. We can use our values as a guiding light to help us make decisions–especially when everything else is so unpredictable. Basing your decision-making on your values will help you stay agile and apply the protocols you have laid out that will see you through troubling times. Your values are the key to bolstering your confidence in your plan so that you can relax and rock retirement. 

Why is exercise important to retirement?

You already know that you have to have financial means and meaning to rock retirement, but you won’t be able to enjoy either of these things if you don’t have the ability to do everything you want to do in retirement. 

Your body changes as you age. It starts to deteriorate and that deterioration is noticeable in the blood vessels, bones, and muscles. The depressing reality is that you are fighting a losing battle with your muscle mass. However, you can get ahead of this decline with exercise. 

Many people are familiar with the concept of doing crosswords and puzzles to keep their minds agile and you can use exercise much in the same way. By starting the aging process with more muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance you will be ahead of the game once mother nature kicks in. Regular exercise protects your body and makes it more resilient so that you can maintain function as you age. 

Steps to take to form your exercise plan so that you can rock retirement 

Developing the right exercise plan starts with envisioning where you want to be in 10-20 years. Think about what you want to be able to do in the future so that you can understand the body that you will need. Consider the muscle groups, strength, balance, and aerobic stamina you will need. Next, analyze what kind of exercise you are doing now to help you reach this goal. Lastly, consider how you can fill in the gaps and start working on the specific movements that will help you achieve your goals. 



  • [9:25] Why is exercise important to retirement?
  • [18:44] Think about where you want to be in 10-20 years
  • [24:44] Generic exercise helps improve the length of life
  • [32:05] Balance is an important area to work on
  • [33:55] How intensely should you focus on this?
  • [36:13] How to factor in limitations to our exercise plan
  • [39:20] Anaerobic strength requires a different set of muscles
  • [42:42] Steps to take to form your exercise plan to rock retirement 


  • [45:09] You can withdraw your Roth contributions any time without penalty
  • [47:14] Questions to ask your financial planner as you approach retirement
  • [58:09] My thoughts on the pros and cons of closed-end mutual funds


  • [1:12:45] Evaluate your exercise regimen

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