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This week on Retirement Answer Man, we define what role an annuity could play in your portfolio. Annuities can be a polarizing topic in the financial world but we need to think critically with a curious and open mind rather than vilify or glorify these investment tools. I’m checking my own biases at the door to bring you the most reliable information I can. Annuities may not be the most exciting topic, but we want you to rock retirement with intentionality so let’s dive in and learn as much as we can. 

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Last year we opened the Rock Retirement Club as an online space where you can get your retirement questions answered and engage with people like yourself. Everyone in the club is learning as much as they can so that they can rock their retirement. You’ll also find resources to take action so that you have all the tools you need to rock your retirement. Our little club has grown over the past year and we only open enrollment during certain periods. This subscription-based club will be open for enrollment soon. Check out and put yourself on the waitlist so that you will be notified as soon as enrollment is open. 

In retirement, you have true freedom

Retirement is a special time because you finally have the ability to organize your life however you want maybe. You can do what you want, live where you want, and hang out with whoever you want without a job or social constraint tying you down. I recently read an article which proposed that college towns make a great place to retire. The author had 6 reasons to justify her theory: 

  1. Cost of living is generally less expensive, so your retirement fund may stretch farther.
  2. There are exciting events, museums, and culture.
  3. College towns are diverse both ethnically and politically. 
  4. There is usually great access to healthcare.
  5. You can be surrounded by youthful energy.
  6. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community. 

What do you think of this idea? Would you consider retiring to a college town?

How can you make your retirement funds last as long as you?

The biggest question in retirement is how to make your money as long as you do. The problem is; no one knows how long they may live. In addition to unknown longevity, market risk, cognitive and physical decline, inflation are other unknown issues that we may experience in retirement. That is why we are exploring the topic of annuities. With the unknown of the future, it can be nice to have a certainty to help you through as you age. Let’s explore how an annuity can help you to maintain your lifestyle as you get older no matter what life throws at you.

What roles annuities can play in your portfolio?

  1. Longevity insurance. In this changing world where most people don’t have pensions, an annuity can act as a substitute for the typical employee pension. The difference is that you have to buy it yourself rather than getting it from the company you work for.
  2. Guaranteed income. We underestimate the importance of social security. An annuity can be a second source of social capital. It can replace your pretirement income and help support your lifestyle later in life. It has the added benefit that you can’t overspend or mismanage it
  3. Help to supplement your no-go years. You could plan your annuity to turn on at age 80 or so. This in addition to social security can support your needs as your life slows down. 
  4. Simplify things for your future self. You don’t know where you will be in 30 years. By buying an annuity you are securing another source of income that you won’t have to worry about or even think about. This can help protect you from fraud, cognitive decline or even greedy kids. 

Have you thought about the roles an annuity can play in your portfolio? What do you think? Do these benefits outweigh the costs? Listen in to hear the positives and negatives involved in getting an annuity in retirement



  • [4:40] You have the ability to organize your life however you want


  • [13:16] How can you make your retirement funds last as long as you?
  • [16:43] What roles annuities can play?
  • [36:33] What are the costs of an annuity?


  • [40:56] I’m reading a book I really love


  • [42:56] Check out Atomic Habits by James Clear to prepare for our series in August

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