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Do you want to have a great retirement? Make sure you value the right things. It is possible to make a million dollars and feel poor, or to make $60K and live a rich and full life. On today’s episode, Jason Parker joins me to talk about how to calculate your retirement spending and make wise choices that will benefit you long-term in your retirement years. Listen in to learn about the new software tool that Jason has developed that helps with this process and to find out how you can get started on counting the cost of retirement.

The empty-nester lifestyle can be wonderful . . . and dangerous

As empty-nesters, there are many opportunities for us to spruce up our homes and enjoy some time freedom that we have not had in years. But there is a danger with the spending increase that can come along with this life phase as well. On today’s hot topic segment, I’ll explain what I mean by this danger, and how you can avoid falling into it. Listen in to learn to count the cost and prepare well for retirement spending.

Understanding your spending is key to your retirement cash flow plan

Did you know that the more income people have, the worse they are at understanding what they are spending? As Jason Parker says in this episode, one of the most important pieces of a good retirement cash flow plan is understanding your spending. Listen to today’s interview to find out why you need to count the cost on your lifestyle, how you can get a clearer picture of your spending, and where to find a great software tool that will help simplify the process.

A simple tool to estimate retirement spending

Jason Parker, host of the Sound Retirement Planning podcast, has developed a software tool that can help you understand your current spending and help you plan for retirement spending. On this episode, Jason talks with me about how this new tool came about, how it works, how it is different from other budgeting tools, and where you can get it. My listeners will get 50% off, so be sure to listen to the podcast and get the coupon code.

It’s never too soon to start planning for retirement costs

Whether you are retiring next month or in 20 years, getting a clear understanding of your spending is an important part of your overall financial well-being. On this episode, Jason Parker and I talk about the importance of calculating your spending and your retirement costs and explain how to do it. We cover how to account for costs that don’t fall into your monthly expenses and how to balance your money so that you don’t run out too soon. Listen in and then take my seven-day challenge to begin getting a clear picture of your spending.


  • [0:24] Make sure you value the right things. Don’t build a financial cage that gives you no options in life. You can make a million and feel poor and scared, and make 60,000 and live one of the richest lives. Conversation on spending and counting the cost for retirement. Jason Parker
  • [3:13] Disclaimer
  • [3:53] Traditional retirement planning doesn’t work. Doesn’t give you much confidence about the future. Just completed a 3 video series called the 5-minute retirement makeover. Go to


  • [5:09] How empty nester lifestyle creep can mess up your retirement. Kids are leaving, you’re making more money than you ever have, starting to define your life without kids. Can also be dangerous. You have more time freedom. Can explore other activities. Can update the house, etc. Re-nesting as an empty nester. But, when you increase your lifestyle, it’s always hard to scale back again. You can expand your lifestyle in your 50’s and then it’s hard to maintain when you retire.



  • [09:49] How do you count the cost on your lifestyle?
  • [10:57] How accurate are you when it comes to what you think you spend?
  • [14:49] How to account for costs that are not included in your monthly spending.
  • [19:34] Can you afford “Go-Go” years?
  • [20:21] The Retirement Budget Calculator is different from other budgeting tools.
  • [23:53] How you can approach using the budget calculator without being overwhelmed.
  • [25:05] When should someone start counting the cost for expenses in retirement?
  • [27:39] How safe is the data on the Retirement Budget Calculator software?



  • [30:23] 7-day goal: Get a clear picture of your monthly spending.



  • [31:31] Get excited about your purpose instead of your things.



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