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Women ask many types of questions that men don't, which is why we’re dedicating this entire month to a series on women, money, and retirement. This series gives you the space to dig in, have your voice heard, and your questions answered. 

You’re listening to the 3rd episode in this series and today we’ll be answering so many of your questions. Tanya Nichols from Align Financial joins me once again to add her womanly input and expertise. 

There are a lot of women out there with similar concerns. Are you one of them? Find out if your burning questions about retirement have been answered on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

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Should single women with no children consider long-term care insurance?

Several women have asked about long-term care insurance. Navigating long-term care is a major concern for women that have no close family or children. They see long-term care insurance as a way to help pay for their care when they may no longer have the capacity to represent themselves. 

When looking for a long-term care insurance plan, be sure to specifically look for a plan that features a care navigator. Another possibility is to hire a care navigator out of pocket who only works for your interests. This representative can help you navigate the system so that you know that you will be cared for. 

Long-term care navigators are an emerging field, so it can be hard to find someone that specializes in this industry. One way to find this type of representative is to talk to long-term care providers or even your state health department. Have you ever considered hiring a care navigator for your declining years?

What kind of questions do you have about retirement? 

In this episode, we answer many of your listener questions like what is the difference between a trust and an estate, how to prepare to deal with financial issues during cognitive decline, where to get cash from during the go-go years, the best way to navigate healthcare before Medicare, and many more. Listen in to hear if your pressing questions have been answered.

If you have any more questions that weren’t answered in this episode, make sure to join the live meet-up on August 26 at 7 pm CDT. This live webinar will be about an hour long and I’ll be joined, once again, by the lovely Tanya Nichols. We’ll answer your questions live in real-time. These webinars provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn the answers to your questions and maybe even hear answers to questions that you haven’t even thought of yet.



  • [5:30] Don’t miss the live meet up on August 26 at 7 pm CDT
  • [6:37] Long term care insurance for those with no close family
  • [11:00] Trust vs. estates
  • [11:50] How to deal with financial issues during cognitive decline
  • [16:11] Where to take cash from in the go-go years
  • [19:02] How to navigate healthcare before Medicare
  • [26:35] How do you calculate the 4% rule?
  • [30:28] Spend less money than you make
  • [32:07] What to look for in a bond


  • [37:22] An update on my smart sprint from last week
  • [41:13] Look at your net worth statement history

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BOOK - Rock Retirement  by Roger Whitney

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Roger’s Retirement Learning Center

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