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RMD tables, bond classes, international exposure, and 1099s–we’ve got answers to your questions. First up is which account is best to begin drawing from in retirement. Listen to these answers to listener questions and take some time to reflect with me about how too much data can inhibit our ability to make good decisions. Press play to listen.

Too much data can hinder your decision-making process

There comes a point where more information doesn’t help you make decisions, it can actually hurt your decision-making. A new low in this bear market recently passed taking it down 22.4% for the year. Rather than dwelling on this fact by looking up news articles, try changing your perspective. Use the data to flip the narrative. Instead of focusing on the current downward trajectory focus on the 10 years of growth that we had beforehand. When you have a feasible, resilient plan in place you won’t need to worry about this bear market. 

Are you curious about the Rock Retirement Club?

Have you heard me talk about the Rock Retirement Club in previous episodes but still aren’t sure exactly what it is? The RRC is a group of just under 1000 members from all over the country all within 10 years of retirement. Our focus is on how to live your best life as you make the transition into retirement.

We do that with a masterclass that helps you create an agile retirement plan. This isn’t simply a class where you watch videos and take a quiz at the end. This structured masterclass walks you step by step as you build your own agile retirement plan. Once you create your plan, then, you’ll learn how to make it resilient by testing it against common risk factors. Next, you’ll optimize and enhance your plan.

In addition to the master class and the camaraderie of the group, you’ll also get the experience of our team of coaches who will coach you through the financial and non-financial aspects of retirement. 

Our goal is to give you the tools to create the ideal retirement plan for you and lifelines to reach out to when you need help. If you would like to learn more about the Rock Retirement Club sign up for our live meetups on October 27 or 29 at

Which account should I begin drawing from first in retirement?

One of the classic optimization questions is which account to draw from first. Many are often drawn to the after-tax assets first, but if you take all these away, you will only be left with tax-deferred assets. These are subject to RMDs once you turn 72, so you could be left with a situation where you have to take more out than you need. Consider taking advantage of lower tax brackets now to pay today’s low tax rate. 

Listen in to hear the answer to this retirement question and many others. 



  • [1:56] More data can cause you to distort your view
  • [6:34] What is the Rock Retirement Club?


  • [12:42] Which account should I begin drawing from first in retirement?
  • [16:46] What are the actual percentages of RMDs taken each year
  • [20:10] Comments on my recent comments on international exposure
  • [21:59] What to consider as a 1099 contractor
  • [26:10] What is the best bond asset class to buy?
  • [28:44] How to take advantage of NUA?
  • [35:49] Do you need a personal financial advisor? 


  • [39:25] Gain some perspective

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