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Do you understand what you need to do to build a happy retirement? My guest today has studied the data to tell the story of happy retirees in his new book, What the Happiest Retirees KnowWes Moss is not only an author of multiple books, he is the host of the live radio show, Money Matters, and the Retire Sooner podcast. Learn the habits to develop now to create a happy retirement by listening to this interview with Wes Moss. 

Are you retiring to something or away from something?

The real-world data shows that 70% of people don’t like their job and 20% of people actively hate their job so much that they want to hurt the company they work for.

These sad statistics lead to people thinking that retirement is the answer to their unhappiness. However, it isn’t enough to retire away from something. We must retire towards something to find happiness in retirement. Is your objective to retire away from your job or towards happiness? Think about what you would like to retire towards. 

Do pre-retirees have misconceptions about what a happy retirement really is?

Most people have a preconceived notion about retirement. They believe that once you reach a certain level of financial security, you’ll stop working and then the skies will open up and the world will become a happy place. They feel like retirement will be some version of heaven.

However, the reality is much different. There is a period of transition and not an instant magical change. Preparing well in advance will help to create a happy retirement and avoid disappointment. 

It only takes $75,000 per year to be happy

One of the biggest worries in retirement is having enough money, but research shows that it only takes between $70,000 and $80,000 per year to create a happy life. Having more money won’t increase levels of happiness. 

It doesn’t take as much as you think to avoid an unhappy retirement. Even though many people feel the loss of a sense of purpose and increased loneliness once they retire, with a bit of preparation, anyone can create a happy retirement.

Habits to develop to create a happy retirement

Wes describes ten categories in his book that contribute to happiness in retirement. These habits include: 

  • Money habits
  • Curiosity habits
  • Family habits
  • Love habits
  • Faith habits
  • Social habits
  • Home habits
  • Health habits
  • Investing habits

Within these categories, only a few areas actually have to do with money. If you can build up a solid foundation of healthy habits before you retire, you will have a greater chance of creating a happy retirement. 

What the Happiest Retirees Know can even be used as a workbook. As you read through, find the habits that you want to improve and see how you can stack them to work on 3 or 4 together at the same time. Listen in to hear how golfing is a way that I habit stack areas that I am actively working on in my own life. What are you working on to ensure that you create a happy retirement? 



  • [2:30] The data tells the story
  • [3:55] Do pre-retirees have misconceptions about what a happy retirement really is?
  • [11:54] It only takes $75,000 per year to be happy
  • [15:14] If your base is in place then you don’t need to worry so much about money
  • [21:45] How to use Wes’s book as a workbook

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