Retirement Answer Man

Okay, you're planning for retirement, but what exactly are you planning for? I don't think most of us think about this. We work and save and work and save, but spend little time figuring out what we'll actually do when we retire. 

In this episode, I interview Tom Schwab of Goodbye Crutches and Inbound for eCommerce.  Tom is a great example of someone that overcame a potentially devastating business set back to build a build a business that he can enjoy well into retirement. There are a lot of great lessons we can learn from his story. Such as:

  • How your lifestyle choices can set the tone for your entire life
  • Why we're created to serve
  • The importance of focusing on people and experience rather than things
  • How to organize your life to stay engaged well into "retirement"
  • How to think intentionally about your career
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