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Today’s episode of The Retirement Answer Man debuts a brand new format that will help you make even more of your retirement and financial planning. From here on out all episodes of RAM will be consist of 3 segments - The Hot Topic, where Roger addresses current issues on the financial horizon - The Practical Planning segment, where Roger gives you practical, actionable tips to help you get your retirement planning headed in the direction you desire - and the Listener Question, where Roger answers YOUR questions about retirement related issues. Listen in to get a feel for the new format and to hear how Roger can help you get your retirement planning well in hand before it’s too late.


HOT TOPIC - A market correction or a bear market?


Last week’s market closed with some alarming numbers and as always, many people are speculating what it means. Is this nothing more than a natural market correction? It could be… it’s been a very long time since the market corrected. But it’s always possible that it’s the beginning signs of a “Bear Market” that could turn things in a very negative direction. Which is it? Nobody can say for certain but the advice Roger has for you in today’s show applies no matter which it turns out to be. Don’t miss this solid, practical tip.


THE KEY to being a great investor!


Nobody invests their money to get small returns. We all want our investment dollars to do the very most for us possible. In this episode of The Retirement Answer Man, Roger addresses the current market situation by advising you how to become the great investor you want to be, no matter what the economic climate. Listen in to find out what Roger believes to be THE KEY to becoming a great investor.


The retirement planning center is available for you - free of charge.


Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a solid track record of investments behind you, or are just getting started on the retirement investing journey, Roger has compiled a treasure trove of resources for you in his free Retirement Planning Center. It’s a quick and easy resource from an experienced retirement advisor that will get you moving in the right direction. If you’d like to gain access, listen to this episode to find out how you can!


What is a Community Foundation and how can it help you with charitable giving?


In today’s main segment Roger has a very informative conversation with Nancy Jones of the Community Foundation of North Texas. Nancy’s experience in dealing with both donors and charities, as well as her interest in finding worthy and trustworthy charities for the foundation’s members, make her a great resource for the topic of today’s show. In this episode you’ll learn what a community foundation is, how it can help you identify charities in your own community that may be the exact fit for your charitable desires, and how the vetting process a community foundation does can help you rest easy, knowing that your charitable contributions are being used well. Find out more about community foundations on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man.




  • [0:32] The theme of today’s show - giving to others without worry.

  • [1:12] Thanks to Allen for the great review.

  • [1:42] A new structure to the podcast - Hot topic - Practical Planning Tip - Main Segment




  • [3:35] A market correction or the next phase of a Bear market?

  • [8:47] The key to being a great investor.

  • [10:08] Roger’s seminar to help you plan out your investing goals - 8/27/15. Text “RAMWebinar” to “33444.”




  • [12:00] The basics of giving to causes and people.

  • [15:18] Get a free retirement planning learning center - text “Planning” to “33444.”




  • [16:13] What are ways I can find a “good” charity to support?

  • [17:08] Roger’s introduction of his conversation with Nancy Jones from “The Community Foundation of North Texas.”

  • [21:20] How a community foundation can benefit a person looking for somewhere to give.

  • [23:56] How does a person with charitable intent manage the worry they might have about running out of money?

  • [26:36] The current IRA rollover provisions, a new possibility.

  • [28:11] What are the minimums required to set up a relationship with a community foundation?

  • [29:15] The benefit of creating experiences for your kids rather than leaving them cash.

  • [32:07] How a community foundation can match you with groups you would be interested in, but don’t know about.

  • [34:39] What’s so important about a “community foundation?”




The Community Foundation of North Texas - Nancy’s organization -


The upcoming Investing Seminar - Text “Ram Webinar” to “33444.”


The Retirement Planning Center - Text “Planning” to “33444.”

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Roger starts the show off with a bang today by answering a listener question: “I’m a smart guy. So why do I make such stupid decisions when it comes to money?” Feel familiar? We’ve all made our share of mistakes in the financial areas of our lives, and that pattern never really changes unless we come to grips with the REASONS we make those decisions in the first place. As you listen to Roger’s response to the listener’s question, see if you can pick out the main reason dumb financial decisions are made, and a handful of ways you can put safeguards in place to keep yourself from them.


What worries you most about retirement?


Have you given that question much thought? In today’s episode of Retirement Answer Man Roger speaks with Darryl Lyons, author of “Small Business, Big Pressure” and asks him that very thing. Darryl’s answer is reflective of many people in our day, concerned about whether or not he’ll have the amount of retirement funds set aside to truly achieve the things he wants to do in his “life pivot” (Darryl prefers to think of retirement that way). It’s a refreshing interchange between two swell guys, and you can hear it on this episode.


Is a college education really an important thing for your kids?


In modern America, it’s almost heretical to even ask a question like that, but Darryl Lyons not only asks it, he’s come to a a definitive “NO” answer. It’s not that Darryl is opposed to education,  he just believes that education is not the most important thing to him, especially as he considers the amount of money he’ll have to save to put his 3 girls through college. He’s not at all interested in paying that kind of money for an education that is top notch if the environment of the school isn’t supporting and promoting their character at the same time. Hear Darryl’s thinking on that and many other issues on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.


Is paying tens of thousands of dollars for your kids’ college education equipping them, or enabling them?


That’s the spirit of a question Roger asks his guest, Darryl Lyons on this episode of Retirement Answer Man, and Darryl’s answer is very intriguing. He’s convinced that much of the money spent on education today is wasted, and he’s got very strong reasons why he says that. Listen in to the conversation as Roger asks Darryl about that topic and many more, and see if you agree with Darryl.


Would you like to know what your Retirement Personality Profile is?


Roger’s been learning that when he helps his clients know themselves better, they are better able to know what they want and need in their retirement. That mental picture is what Roger is calling their “Retirement Personality Profile,” and Roger’s created a tool to help people (even you) get a clearer idea of what they value in retirement, and what is just wishful or romantic thinking that has no basis in reality. Want to get your profile? You can. Go to to get your Retirement Personality Profile now.




  • [0:27] Welcome and introduction to the episode.

  • [1:37] Introducing the Retirement Personality Profile! Take yours today!

  • [8:33] A listener question: “I’m a smart guy. So why do I keep making stupid financial decisions?”

  • [17:30] The retirement journey of Darryl Lyons - Darryl’s story.

  • [19:20] What does retirement mean to you? The most important question.

  • [20:42] Darryl’s greatest area of excitement about his future retirement.

  • [23:03] What worries you most about retirement? Have you considered the question?

  • [24:23] Where is the line between supporting your kids and enabling your kids?

  • [26:28] Darryl’s thoughts about why his kids’ education is not the most important thing.

  • [27:11] Where Darryl is on the retirement road.

  • [28:13] How a business that is growing can be a form of retirement.

  • [29:16] Darryl is a financial planner… so does HE use a financial planner?

  • [30:14] The worst financial decision Darryl has ever made.

  • [31:52] The power of unwise counselors to ruin your life.

  • [33:05] The hardest things Darryl’s had to do to manage his money wisely.

  • [34:11] Darryl’s favorite resources and powerful inspira

  • [35:53] “Small Business, Big Pressure” - Darryl’s book.

  • [37:50] How you can have your question answered on the Retirement Answer Man.




The Retirement Personality Profile on Roger’s website -


The Retirement Learning Center -


How to leave your question for Roger to answer -


Contact Roger via email - - Darryl’s Lyon’s book!




Sometimes it’s better to be a smart idiot, than a stupid genius #RetirementAnswerMan


When it comes to our OWN #RetirementPlanning, we’re motivated by emotion


Want to make smarter #FinancialDecisions? Put controls in place. Find out how on this episode


Use your spouse to help you make better #FinancialDecisions - #RetirementAnswerMan


#SmallBusiness, BIG pressure - the author speaks on this episode of #RetirementAnswerMan

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Retirement planning is as much about additional sources of income as it is about investments. Roger’s guest today, Matt Miller, has built a company that offers savvy retirement planners a legitimate way to add an additional stream of income to their current situation - either on the side or with hopes of it moving toward a full time business. It’s entrepreneurial to the core; becoming a business owner, making your own rules, living the life you want now, instead of waiting for retirement. But it builds toward retirement as well. Matt’s story is inspiring… and you’ll hear it all on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.


From the military, to corporate, to entrepreneur - Matt’s story


Matt Miller was a pilot in the U.S. Military, and when he decided to step out of that life the transition was more difficult than he thought it would be. Though the government had spent plenty of time and money giving him outstanding skills, potential employers seemed hesitant to give him a chance because they weren’t sure he’d stick with them. They thought he was likely to return to the military instead. As Matt dealt with the corporate politics and the difficulties of achieving the freedom and levels of success he wanted, he realized that his future retirement AND the life he wanted now were things he’d have to go for on his own. Get more details on this episode.


Retirement planning is about more than just amassing a pile of cash - it’s about making a meaningful life


That’s a mindset that many people planning for their eventual retirement don’t cultivate enough. Your life after retirement can be, and should be rich with activity that makes a difference in the world. Matt Miller (today’s guest on the Retirement Answer Man) says he could never see himself sitting on a beach doing nothing. He doesn’t want to be that person. He’s got to be busy investing himself in causes that are important to him, no matter his age or degree of physical stamina, and he’s built a business that makes it possible for him to do that, and empower others to have the same opportunity. If you’re tired of the rat race and want something different for your future, you should check out Matt’s great opportunity. Find out more by listening to this episode.


A listener question: Can I contribute to my ROTH IRA even though I’m not eligible to do so?


ROTH IRAs do have some limitations on when and how contributions can be made, especially if you’re single and make over a certain amount of income in the year you want to make a contribution. In this episode of Retirement Answer Man Roger fields a question from a listener who is in that exact situation and in doing so sheds light on the ways contributions can be made in that situation, and whether they will be tax free contributions or not. If you’ve got questions about your ROTH IRA, you should listen to this helpful Q&A with the Retirement Answer Man.

Do you have a question for Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man?


Roger would love to hear from you and answer your question on an upcoming episode of RAM. You can easily submit your question in one of two ways: 1) Visit the website at . You’ll be able to leave your own voice message for Roger, asking your retirement related question. Or if you prefer to send in your question in writing, you can email roger at . He’d be happy to hear from you!




  • [1:20] The revamp of the Retirement Answer Library - easier to use and to find what you need -

  • [3:35] How you can leave your question for Roger - or send Roger an email -  

  • [5:27] LISTENER QUESTION: How can I make a contribution to my ROTH IRA given that I am single and make too much money to contribute?

  • [12:03] Introduction of today’s guest - Matt Miller.

  • [14:00] The obstacles Matt discovered transitioning out of the military and into the corporate world.

  • [16:20] It’s not just about building a pile of cash for retirement, it’s about a meaningful life.

  • [17:09] What Matt’s business does that creates his personal income (and income for franchisees) and adds great value to the world.

  • [19:22] The dangers of getting into the vending industry (where Matt’s company operates), and how Matt’s company is different.

  • [21:46] Raising up generations of entrepreneurs.

  • [22:57] Why mindset is most important for Matt’s franchisees - and what that looks like.

  • [24:48] Matt’s view of retirement - what it means to him and how he thinks about it.

  • [26:43] How Matt is living on his own terms now rather than waiting for retirement.

  • [28:10] What kind of business should you start? How Matt made those decisions.

  • [30:07] The one trait that enables Matt to be successful.

  • [30:55] 13 years to overnight success - the power of continued iterations.

  • [32:42] Get in touch with Matt Miller.




The Retirement Learning Center -


How to leave your question for Roger to answer -


Contact Roger via email -


Get in touch with Matt Miller -


Matt’s company website -

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I've been hacked!!!! To prove that talking retirement planning doesn't have to be dull, Joe Saul-Sehy from the Stacking Benjamins Show hacked into this week's show.

We were all set for another super serious retirement planning show when Joe from Stacking Benjamins hacked in and took over. Evidently Joe thought I was getting a bit too serious and wanted to lighten up the show a bit. Although he made every attempt to suck the wisdom from the show, I was able to sneak in some great retirement planning lessons as he told stories, ranted and joked about personal finance.

If you listen closely, you'll there's some great lessons about:

  • Financial Pornography: The dangers of listening to financial news.
  • How everyone is marketing something
  • Everyone presents themselves as financially savvy
  • Why not to believe your friends investing stories.
  • Don't count on your advisor to predict the future.
  • The true role of an excellent financial advisor.
  • Why humility is key to making good financial decisions.
  • Joe's admits his worst financial decision.
  • How to judge the competency of your financial advisor.

As light hearted as Joe is, he really knows his stuff. If you're looking for an entertaining personal finance show, check his out here.

Tell Me What You Think

Joe thinks I'm too serious in my show. Joe's a good friend and I respect him. You're a friend to so I'd love to get your feedback.

  • What do you like most about the show?
  • What would you change?
  • Is my show too serious?
  • Would you like to hear more about current events and the markets?
  • Is it too long (or too short)?


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