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Setting big goals is great, but they have to be the right goals or else they could become a trap. Rosie joins us again today to set her retirement goals. In this episode, you’ll hear her financial goals for her needs, wants, and wishes. We’ll discuss her financial expectations for each of these categories and how her goals fit into her values. 

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Goals must be driven by values

In the previous episode, you met Rosie and learned about her situation and her values. We start each Retirement Plan Live series with values because values are what drive our goals. If you set your goals up too rigidly or shoot for the wrong goals then you are working toward something without really desiring it.

Goals are important to have because they framework of what you are trying to achieve. Listen in to learn how Rosie uses her values to drive her goals. 

What makes a base great life? 

What does it take to build a base great life? The base great life is the line in the sand that you can’t cross. It is what you need to have in place to secure a basic life worth living. 

Rosie estimates that it would take about $5000 per month (excluding healthcare costs) to live her base great life. Listen in to hear what she includes in her base great life and why this doesn’t mean eating rice and beans every day. 

Rosie’s wants and wishes

Rosie values travel and would love to spend about $24,000 per year for the next 5 years on travel expenses. After that, she estimates that she would continue to travel but would slow down on spending but still spend around $15,000 per year for the following 8 years. 

Other discretionary expenses would include $10,000 per year on eating out more frequently and spending on loved ones. Adding in these extra wants and wishes would take Rosie and her husband about $117,000 per year.

Follow along and create your own agile retirement plan 

This week, I encourage you to look at your retirement goals with fresh eyes so as not to limit your thinking. Really hone in on what it takes to build your base great life, then add in the layers that build up your wants and wishes. Shed away your inhibitions as you consider your wishes category.

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  • [4:03] What is a base great life?
  • [10:45] Discretionary spending


  • [25:33] Can Tim’s wife retire?
  • [32:37] Can Crimaud collect Social Security without a green card?
  • [35:25] How to work in tithing in retirement


  • [40:38] Revisit your needs, wants, and wishes

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