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In all of your planning, have you planned for happiness in retirement? Many people just look at the facts and figures in their retirement and they don’t stop to think about how they will create their own happiness in retirement. On this classic episode of Retirement Answer Man, we revisit an oldie but goodie. Listen to this episode to see if you can discover why this was the one that made Nichole decide once and for all that she wanted to come work with me!

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Why planning for happiness in retirement is even more important than financial planning

When you sit down and plan for retirement most people consider the normal questions. How much do I have? How will I disperse my money? This is what we think of when planning for retirement. Most people don’t stop to think how will I be happy? Retirement is a time of great change in your life. It is much like leaving college to start your career. The trajectory of your life will completely change. So this makes it a great time to consider who do you want to be for the rest of your life? Once you know that then you can think about how you are going to build the life that you want to build. Discover how to map out a meaningful life in retirement on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

Why you need a life of congruence

Congruence means the state achieved by coming together. It is a state of agreement. If you say you value A, B, and C are you living your life that is congruent with your values? In my younger years, my actual life did not reflect my values at all. I had a great job, wife, and kids. But I was often a jerk to those I loved the most. I had to sit down and define my values before I could begin to live a life that was congruent with them. Have you sat down to define the values in your life? Now is the time to consider your core values so that you can live a life that aligns with your values and find real happiness. 

How I define my top 10 values

  1. God - I have a strong relationship with God and talk to him every day.
  2. Quality relationships - I value deep friendships. I love listening and going deeper with my friendships rather than just brushing the surface.
  3. Adventure - I love being open to new experiences, ideas, and emotions. I always strive to experience new things.
  4. Service - I believe I was put on earth to help change the concept of retirement. This is my service to others.
  5. Continuous improvement - I don't want to have a fixed mindset, a growth mindset helps me continuously improve as a person..
  6. Fitness - Staying fit helps me not just physically but mentally. 
  7. Laughter - Although I am intense, I love to laugh. I am more engaged and optimistic when I laugh more. 
  8. Positive attitude - A positive attitude is empowering. It can help create an incredible life.
  9. Freedom - I value living life on my own terms.
  10. Bravery - Bravery gives me the strength to live out my values even when it is easier not to. 



  • [3:34] Who do you want to be for the rest of your life?


  • [13:39] What happens when you live a life congruent with your values? 


  • [18:24] How I brought my life into alignment with my personal values
  • [20:02] My 10 personal values


  • [34:15] Identify your personal values

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