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Do you feel like you can harness technology in this brave new world? All month we have been discussing how technology can help you in retirement and on this episode of Retirement Answer Man we’ll discuss how you can harness technology without it harnessing you. This can be a tricky task in this age of the attention economy. There are so many forces that vie for our attention. Learn how to use technology to its fullest without it taking advantage of you on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

How can you harness technology without becoming a slave to it?

I recently read a book called Digital Minimalism that really helped open my eyes to the distractions in my life. There are so many forces that are vying for our attention in today’s society. There has even been an increase in anxiety and depression. This book gave me some great ideas on how I can continue to harness technology without letting it take advantage of me. Here are a few:

  1. Dumb down your smartphone. Take all the social media apps out. You can engage in the apps when it serves you rather than becoming distracted by all of the notifications.
  2. Keep your phone on the do not disturb mode. This removes the temptation for distraction.
  3. Turn your devices into single-use machines. Multitasking and multi-purposing are a myth. When you switch between tasks constantly you can never give anything your full attention.
  4. Try the Freedom App on your computer in your Chrome browser. This app can block access to time-sucking sites like Amazon, Twitter, etc.
  5. Use social media like a pro. Social media pros are those that use it from time to time to check in on family, friends, and news. The goal is not to use social media as entertainment, instead be intentional about it.

How can you use technology to help you in retirement?

When choosing which technology to use to help you in your retirement think about what it can do for you. What technology will you use to be more social? What technology will you use to be healthier? What will help you with transportation? Having intentionality about how you use technology will help you a lot. I recently permanently deleted my Facebook page, I even deleted the Retirement Answer Man Facebook page. This is shocking to some, but it wasn’t that hard for me. I have more time to focus on what I want and I’m happier because of it. How will you choose technology wisely in your retirement?

How will AI help people as they age?

Richard Caro from Tech Enhanced Life joins me to discuss how we can harness technology as we age. Tech-Enhanced Life evaluates technology to help people decide what they can use to best help them in their life. He has found that the myth that older people are slower to adopt technology is not true. He thinks that people are happy to learn something that will help them out if someone can teach them. AI is an example of that. Alexa is the most recent mainstream form of AI technology. Alexa has become very popular in the past couple of years now that people understand its capabilities.

How can Alexa and other technology help combat loneliness?

The Echo Show has Alexa as well as a screen which can be used for video chatting with friends. Alexa is easy to use and many people enjoy using it to turn on the lights, listen to the weather, or play music. Wearable gadgets are beginning to replace medical alert technology. Many people hesitate to wear medical alert necklaces since they seem bulky or unattractive. Devices like the Apple Watch are cool and trendy. They have evolved to be able to help in an emergency.



  • [5:46] How to harness technology without becoming a slave to it


  • [18:10] Meet Richard Caro creator of Tech Enhanced Life
  • [21:43] What is the power of Alexa and AI as people age
  • [25:32] How can AI help to combat loneliness?
  • [35:40] How do you choose what is worth the time and money to learn?


  • [39:20] I permanently deleted my Facebook page


  • [42:05] Try putting your smartphone on do not disturb for a while

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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BOOK - Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

BOOK - Deep Work by Cal Newport

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BOOK - Rock Retirement  by Roger Whitney

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