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What will the future of retirement look like? Like it or not we will live longer than any other generation that has ever lived. If you aren’t investing in your health now you may still live a long time, but it probably won’t be very fun. If you want to have a greater quality of life in retirement you have to take your health seriously now. The good news is, there is loads of technology that can help you stay healthy. Listen to this episode to hear about the latest in health technology and how you can use it to live a healthier life as you age.

What technology do I use to stay healthy?

I use technology every day to help me stay healthy and keep fit. Here is a list of my favorite healthy tech items:

  1. Bicycle - You may know that I’m an avid cyclist. My bike provides me with mobility, socialization, physical health, and mental health. But you may be thinking that a bike is not very technologically advanced. Bikes today are quite advanced. I just bought a new bike that was fitted for me that sits me more upright and allows me to ride more comfortably while still being fast and efficient.
  2. Massage chair - My massage chair is a bit of a luxury but it allows me to work out the knots after a long day and to loosen my muscles. If you don’t want to spend as much, try using rollers. There are a lot of great exercises you can do with them to keep your muscles loose.
  3. Yoga studio app - This is a great app for those of us that want convenience and don’t want to go all the way to yoga classes or feel a bit self-conscious about going to classes. The app has different focuses and levels and can be customized to meet your needs.
  4. Standing desk - The standing desk is a game changer. It allows me so much mobility throughout my day. I’m constantly adjusting it as I change positions. Mine is adjustable,it goes up and down from standing to sitting, I can even use a stool. Since switching to the standing desk I have experienced fewer problems with my hip flexors and back
  5. Online networks - The Rock Retirement Club is an example of how connecting with people in the same season of life can provide you with an encouraging attitude. Technology can connect us through distance.
  6. Dog leash - Ok, this may be low tech, but walking the dog each day keeps me active, connected with my wife, and provides me an opportunity to be social.
  7. Apple Watch - There are numerous ways the Apple Watch can help you stay healthy. There is a pedometer and there are even settings to remind you to stand up or breathe. It encourages you to work out and can even track your heart rate.

What are the different kinds of advances in the future of health technology?

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate everywhere including in different areas of health technology. Obviously, we have advanced a great deal in medicine from genome sequencing to knee replacements. The 6 million dollar man is here. But there are also advances in telehealth and telemedicine. You can now call a doctor or health professional and get advice over the phone without having to leave your house. Many people use pacemakers and defibrillators. Remote monitoring allows healthcare professionals to be alerted if there is a sudden change. Electronic health records allow doctors to share information with each other and you can keep the records to have on hand for yourself. Health technology will have a huge impact on our lives as we age.

Brain health is just as important as physical health

To age well in the future, it is important to pay attention to cognitive health as well as physical health. We can use different exercise, movement, and nutrition apps to help us stay fit and build healthy habits. But its also important to do what we can to exercise our minds. We can use technology to improve our cognitive skills and keep dementia or Alzheimers at bay. We can learn new languages through apps and personalized online classes. You can even take online music lessons. There are games that get progressively harder to keep your mind engaged. What kind of mental exercise are you using to grow your mind?



  • [3:45] What technology do I use to keep myself healthier?


  • [21:18] What is some technology for investing in your health?
  • [25:30] Genome sequencing will allow for more personalized healthcare
  • [28:25] There will be cognitive advances as well


  • [33:51] Nichole and I both have recent graduates at home


  • [36:15] Do 1 thing to invest in your health

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