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Is thankfulness the key to a happy life and retirement? It seems like everything I read about happiness contains the common theme of gratitude. Being a thankful person can greatly increase your happiness and the Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful opportunity to give thankfulness a try. So this Thanksgiving edition of Retirement Answer Man focuses on being thankful to help you create your best life and retirement. If you are trying to maintain a thankful perspective in this harsh world, this is the episode to listen to because I’ll give tips on how to be more thankful. So listen in while you prepare that holiday dinner or get ready for the onslaught of holiday guests.

3 forces that pull us away from the spirit of thankfulness

You have to maintain constant vigilance on your spirit of gratitude. Society always seems to be pulling us away from thankfulness by encouraging us to want the next best thing. Marketing messaging constantly tells us that we are inadequate in some way. The news media exposes us to the horrors of modern society which can lead us to be less appreciative of our own good fortune. Social media compels us to compare ourselves with others in a way we can never measure up to since people only post the best version of themselves. Although it can be challenging there are ways to become more thankful.

Tips on how to become more thankful

Surrounding yourself with positive people makes it easier to maintain a thankful attitude. I know it can be hard to be thankful if you are truly depressed, but sometimes if you fake it until you make it, this can lead to an attitude of gratitude. Volunteering or attending a group activity where people share information about themselves is a wonderful way to gain perspective of what others go through and can really increase your level of gratitude. Journaling is a powerful way to channel your thankful thoughts. As a matter of fact, you can go to and tell us what you're grateful to enter to win a free journal.

What are Nichole and I thankful for?

Nichole joins me to discuss thankfulness and share what she is thankful for. We both have God at the top of our lists. I have so much to be grateful for including family, health, and an amazing work life that I don’t have to separate from my home life. My work gives me a way to connect with wonderful people and gives me a creative outlet. Plus I get to work with Nichole! Nichole is also grateful for family and work, but she has a female spin on her gratitude list. If you’re curious to hear her gratitude list listen in to this Thanksgiving edition of Retirement Answer Man.

What are you grateful for in your life and retirement?

As you prepare for the holiday madness try and maintain a spirit of gratitude. Really give a thought about what you have to be thankful for not just on this Thanksgiving, but throughout the year as well. One important key to happiness is maintaining a spirit of gratitude. Let us know what you are thankful for at and you’ll have an opportunity to win a free gratitude journal.



  • [1:55] Thankfulness seems to be the key to happiness
  • [3:43] 3 forces of anti-thankfulness
  • [6:55] 5 Tips on how to be more thankful


  • [12:10] Some things Nichole and I are thankful for


  • [19:58] Don’t beat yourself up about what you eat today

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