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November is that time of year when we gear up for the holiday season. Although the season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Now that we’re in full consumerism mode, it’s great to have some gift ideas to help ease the stress of the holidays. So this year, we’ve come up with 10 gift ideas for gifts that keep on giving. They are not too expensive and have a personal touch that you can apply. I have found that the best gifts aren’t the ones with a high dollar value but that are personal or have experiences attached to them. Listen to the Hot Topic segment to hear our 10 gift ideas for gifts that keep on giving then stick around to hear the answers to listener questions in the Practical Planning segment.

10 personalized gift ideas that keep on giving

  1. Fracture Me is a company that mounts pictures on glass. It is a beautiful way to display photos, you could send photos of a race or event, or maybe a vacation memory. Just send them your high-resolution photos and they will mount it directly on the glass.
  2. The Yootech wireless charger can wirelessly charge your phones. It works with both Android and iPhones. Your loved one will never have to look for their charger again.
  3. Cutco knives are a lovely gift for anyone that appreciates a quality knife set. You can add a personal touch by having them engraved.
  4. Do you know someone that is approaching retirement? My book, Rock Retirement, is a great gift to help guide their transition.
  5. Tom Podnar from Tennessee makes gorgeous barn wood signs. A handmade personal gift is always something special.
  6. Do you have a meat lover in the family? Perini Ranch has an amazing mesquite-smoked peppered tenderloin that you can have delivered to your door. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Booking an experience like tickets to a show, a weekend getaway, or a golf outing is always meaningful for the recipient as long as you consider their tastes and you actually book the experience. (Don’t simply give them a note that you plan to do it!)
  8. Board games are fun for the whole family. Board games are ta great way to spend time with those you love. Stick with simple ones that everyone can enjoy like Sequence, King Domino, or Stockpile. Even a deck of cards with a book of card games is a fun gift idea.
  9. Do you always mean to go on a date night with your partner but never find the time? One idea is to buy a gift card to a favorite restaurant and plan regular weekly date nights. If you have already spent the money on the experience then you’ll be less likely to skip it.
  10. Are you curious about the last one? It’s really a good one and a gift that keeps on giving. Nichole joins me to share this fantastic idea to share with your family. Listen in to hear the best one on the list and let us know what you think. Which one is your favorite?

On the Practical Planning segment, I answer listener questions on social security, how to withdraw your money, and leveraged ETF’s. You’ll want to listen in as I describe how retiring early can affect your social security benefit and how to plan the best way to withdraw your yearly expenses during retirement.



  • [3:22] 10 personalized gift ideas to help you through the season
  • [15:56] Nichole joins me for the last awesome gift idea


  • [19:42] A social security question
  • [22:10] A question on withdrawal rules
  • [26:15] An aggressive investor wants to know more about leveraged ETF’s


  • [32:23] Less materialistic gifts are more fun to give and more fun to get


  • [33:17] Share your gift ideas

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