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Although most retirees choose to retire in place, I have seen a significant number of my clients choose to move as they retire. Over the next three episodes, we will be discussing relocation in retirement. Retirement and moving are both on the list of top 5 most stressful life event so I want to arm you with as much information as possible to help you get through the challenge of moving in retirement. On this episode, we’ll discuss how to make the most out of the sale of your home. Listen to this episode to hear my special guests, Joe from the Stacking Benjamins podcast, and Mindy Jensen, from the Bigger Pockets podcast, they both give great advice on your home sale.

What are the motivations of wanting to move?

Why do some people choose to move at an already stressful time in their life? There are many possible reasons. Often the house they were living in was the one that they raised their children in and is now too big for the next stage in life. Now with retirement ahead, proximity to work or being in the right school district doesn’t matter. Some move to be closer to adult children and grandkids. And some people just want to be in a more desirable location. Listen to this episode to hear why many retirees choose to pack up and relocate

Tips for moving

Mindy Jensen, the author of How to Sell Your Home, joins me on the Practical Planning segment of the show to give tips on how to get the most out of your home sale. There are a lot of little things you can do to maximize the price and make a quick sale. A great way to start preparing your home for sale is to clean and declutter. No one wants to look at a dirty, cluttered house. If you can’t bear to part with your treasures, renting a storage unit is a great way to hang on to your memorabilia and keep a tidy, depersonalized home. Mindy has some great money saving tips on how to spruce up your house to get the most out of your home sale.

Why are you selling?

To maximize everything about your home sale you first need to understand why you are selling. If you want to sell your home quickly you should use a real estate agent. If you have plenty of time and want to do things your way you could try to sell your home on your own. Once you understand your reasons you can decide how to choose an agent if you choose to use one. Before listing your house you also need to do your own homework. Learn which agents are the best in your area to help you decide whether you want to go with a big name or whether you should choose someone that can devote more time to you. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear how to go about choosing a real estate agent.

To rent or not to rent

One of the trickiest parts of moving is the timing. How do you know when to look for a new house? Should you wait until after you’ve already sold your home? What if you have found the perfect house and your house isn’t even on the market yet? Should you rent a house while you look for the right one? There are so many questions involved when trying to figure out how to relocate. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer, but there are some tricks to making the timing of the sale of your home as painless as possible. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to discover how to get the timing right on your home sale.



  • [3:30] What are the motivations of wanting to move?
  • [8:50] Joel Saul Sehy makes an appearance
  • [15:33] The Stacking Benjamins world tour
  • [20:33] Most people want to stay in place, but why would someone want to move
  • [25:30] Tips for moving


  • [29:38] Mindy Jensen cohosts the Bigger Pockets Money podcast
  • [31:23] Should you use a realtor?
  • [38:01] What do you do to improve to sell your house?
  • [44:55] Take honest photos
  • [47:33] Pricing the house correctly is important
  • [50:45] Should you sell then rent?


  • [54:52] I try my hand at some jokes


  • [56:10] Share some funny jokes with us on Facebook or Twitter

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