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Retirement Plan Live is flying solo this time around. Retirement Plan Live is a series of episodes on the Retirement Answer Man podcast designed around real, live case studies with listeners that would like to retire in the near future. This time I looked high and low for the perfect single potential retiree. Sam agreed to come on the show and share her retirement dreams, goals, and aspirations as well as her financial realities. This conversation focuses on the fun stuff. We envision what her ideal retirement would look like. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear Sam’s retirement dreams so that you can get some great ideas on how to plan your own single retirement.

How do we deal with this retirement dilemma?

The age-old retirement dilemma is how do you have as much fun as you can while you still can and have enough left over to see you through the rest of your life? So many of us worry about spending anyways, and once we stop working the anxiety can worsen. When you’re single this can prove even more challenging. You don’t have anyone next to you help you bring balance to your financial planning. You won’t want to miss the Retirement Plan Live: Flying Solo series if you are planning a single retirement. So make sure you listen to this episode to help you get started in your retirement planning.

Are you looking for tips on how to plan your retirement?

When you are planning for a single retirement it can be a challenge in many ways. There is only one income and you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. A great way to get started planning your single retirement is to draw your own retirement vision board. Think of what your ideal life would look like. Concentrate on these aspects: environment, relationships, hobbies, and health. Thinking of these categories will help you negotiate and prioritize where your money should go and keep your eye on the fun. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear some great tips on your retirement planning.

Start retirement planning by focusing on your ideal retirement

What would your ideal retirement look like? If you could have anything you want in the world and money was no option, what would you do? Would you have a garage full of fancy cars, travel around the world, or maybe spend quality time with family? The best way to get started planning your retirement is by shooting for the stars. After you have really dreamed big, then you can start trimming away to find a balance between the dream and the perfect lifestyle that is within your reach. Make sure you are signed up for 6 shot Saturday to get a worksheet to help you begin to plan your retirement fun. Listen to this episode to hear more about how you can begin planning your single retirement.

What does Sam’s ideal retirement look like?

Sam joins me for a fun conversation on the practical planning portion of the show. She and I discuss what her ideal retirement would look like. We plan big trips, work on her house, family time, healthcare and more. She gives me some ideas on how much her ideas cost and I help her guestimate some expenditures. This is the fun part of planning for retirement and you won’t want to miss hearing what Sam is envisioning in her single retirement. Tune in to the practical planning segment to hear what Sam’s ideal single retirement sounds like and to get some great ideas on how to begin planning your own retirement.



  • [3:55] How do we deal with this retirement dilemma?
  • [10:43] Tips for dealing with the retirement dilemma


  • [18:38] Sam defines her ideal lifestyle
  • [26:22] What are Sam’s big expenditures?
  • [29:29] What does her travel look like?
  • [34:38] All of the other extras Sam may want in retirement


  • [39:19] Planning your ideal retirement can be fun


  • [40:33] Sit down and dream up your ideal retirement

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