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John Leland is a New York Times columnist and best-selling author of Happiness is a Choice You Make. He spent a life-changing year talking to six really old people. John thought that the year would be somewhat depressing, but it turned out to be quite different than he expected. He gained a lot of insight from his interactions with his subjects. Each person was quite different and they came from all walks of life. But even though they were such different people they shared the knowledge that they defined themselves by the choices they made. He learned so much in writing his book, mostly he learned how to live in the present moment and not worry about the future. His book is a fascinating insight into the wisdom of people that have so much life experience. You’ll want to hear this interview with John as he discusses some of the more memorable subjects in his book. Listen to this great interview to hear wonderful tips on happiness from those who know how to enjoy life.


  • [1:22] On this special bonus episode I chat with John Leland
  • [3:25] What was it like hanging out with really old people?
  • [5:44] John discusses one of his subjects, John
  • [10:42] Lessons from Ping, who worked hard her whole life
  • [13:48] Lessons from Fred who really chose happiness
  • [16:48] Jonas was a fascinating case filled with wisdom
  • [19:10] Some commonalities between the subjects in the book
  • [21:12] John used this experience to make a choice to be happy

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