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On this great episode of Retirement Answer Man I touch on the recent developments in the markets, but I'm here to really discuss loneliness. Loneliness can be a limiting factor during the retirement years. It can seriously degrade quality of life and even lead to an untimely demise. Loneliness can be caused by many different reasons and if you don’t begin to take action now you could end up alone at a time of life when you are most vulnerable. Listen to this episode to hear some great ways to begin to combat loneliness right now so that this doesn’t become a problem for you in your retirement years.

How not to be lonely in retirement

Loneliness may be an aspect of retirement that you haven’t thought of before, but it actually can threaten not only your quality of life but your life itself. Loneliness is a leading cause of death in those over 60. It can cause depression and isolation from the world around you. Loneliness affects the elderly more than any other demographic. If you are looking for some ways to stay active and combat loneliness in your retirement then starting now is key. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear how not to be lonely during your retirement years.

What are some causes of loneliness?

There are many causes of loneliness in retirement. Work has a built-in social aspect. It gives you a social network to foster relationships, but once you stop working you may lose the network of friends that you once had. Loneliness can also be caused by the loss of a spouse. Oftentimes your entire social realm is created by your marriage and the loss of a spouse can lead to the loss of all of your social outlets. Immobility is another cause of loneliness, as you get older this can lead to loss of physical mobility or the decreased ability to travel by car or plane. Listen to this episode to hear how you can combat loneliness as you age.

How to combat loneliness

Combating loneliness can be an intimidating endeavor. It might put you out of your comfort zone. The key is finding a way to meet people with similar interests. This can be done by finding a book club, a meetup, taking crafting classes and opening yourself up to meeting new people. Building connections with younger people can guarantee that you are not the last man standing so to say. Another way to combat loneliness is to cultivate your purpose. We often lose our purpose when we stop working. Find out now what gets you out of bed in the morning. Listen to this episode to hear some great ways to cultivate friendships with people either your age or younger

Be intentional about fostering relationships

As we get older we begin to have more and more limitations that play a factor in our lives. But you can’t control everything that your body does. Instead, you can change what can you control and free yourself from the burden of the things that you can't control. Be intentional about fostering relationships with new and interesting people. If you only see the limitations that you have you will not give yourself an opportunity to create new relationships. Create a happier retirement by learning how to combat loneliness now. Listen to this episode to hear some fantastic tips on how to be proactive about creating a diverse network of friends that will take you into retirement and beyond.


  • [0:22] Let’s talk about the recent markets


  • [4:10] Loneliness can kill you
  • [10:02] How to combat loneliness


  • [15:40] I correct an error I made - the best way to track non deductible contributions
  • [17:40] Merriman’s ultimate buy-hold allocation
  • [19:19] Vanguard’s payout fund
  • [21:21] Some comments on mortgages


  • [23:55] I have rebuilt my network to create a happier life


  • [25:20] Take an inventory of your social network

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