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On today’s show, I interview Lori and we begin to plan her ideal retirement. There is no one size fits all retirement plan out there. Everyone’s ideal retirement will look different since we all have different priorities and financial goals. Listen in on this show to find some excellent resources to plan your own retirement. You’d be surprised to hear where the challenges are in planning this important stage of your life. Planning is the first step in ensuring that you are not left in the dark for what may be a thirty to forty year period. Listen in for important tips today as I walk Lori through the first steps that I take with my clients as we begin the retirement planning process.

What are the barriers to retirement?

There are many out there who claim that retirement is dead. This doesn’t have to be true. It’s important to have a plan in place so that you can enjoy this time of your life without the worry that you’re overspending. Planning for retirement can be a daunting process. There are a few challenges that we face when retirement planning that you need to pay attention to. Listen in to today’s show to learn what the obstacles to planning a sound retirement are and how to address them. You don’t want to get stuck on the last barrier when planning your retirement!

It’s OK to dream big when planning your retirement!

When planning your retirement it’s important to think of your needs, your wants, and then your wishes. Dreaming and wishing for things to do in your retirement is OK! But first, you must plan what you need. What are your basics for everyday living? After you get that down then you can start thinking bigger. Listen in on today’s story to hear how we can plan your retirement step by step. You’ll learn what the acronym F.O.R. is for and how thinking about it can help you with your planning process.

How will you spend your retirement?

We met Lori on last week’s episode, and this week we delve into her needs and wants to try and learn how best to prepare her and Bruce for the next thirty years. One of the problems they had when planning their ideal retirement was thinking big. They have lived frugally for so long that dreaming big didn’t come naturally to them. How about you? Do you have trouble thinking of big ways to spend your retirement? Listen in today to find out how I helped Lori think big when planning her golden years.

Are healthcare fears preventing you from retiring early?

Have you thought about healthcare if you plan on retiring before the age of 65? Is this stopping you from retiring early? Retiring before 65 can happen, but healthcare is a big priority when planning your retirement. Find out the creative way that Lori and Gene have discovered to cover their health insurance needs by listening to today’s episode. If you are at all considering retiring before the age of 65 you will really want to listen to Lori’s solution to this important issue.


  • [1:22] The benefits of enrolling in 6 Shot Saturday


  • [4:20] Barriers to retirement
  • [11:38] How do we get over those barriers


  • [18:14] Lori's ideal perspective of retirement
  • [21:54] What Lori and Bruce's basics are
  • [26:56] Insurance needs
  • [31:52] Their wants and needs


  • [39:46] Define and envision your future


  • [40:29] Define your needs, wants, and wishes for retirement in the worksheets from 6 Shot Saturday

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