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Planning for the future has many challenges and you may not know what could be a threat to your retirement. There’s something you may not have thought about when planning your retirement. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be learning about Lori and Bruce in my Retirement Plan Live case study. By studying them you will gain great insight into how to prepare for your own retirement. Listen today as I introduce Lori and we discuss marriage and how a healthy marriage can lead to a healthy retirement.

Investing in your marriage is an investment in your retirement.

You may not think about this as a threat to your retirement, but divorce, especially when you are close to retirement age, can have a huge impact on how you retire. You’d be surprised by how many people get divorced in their fifties and sixties. Why would this be a threat to your retirement? What are some great tips for a healthy marriage? Listen in on this episode of Retirement Answer Man to find out how a healthy marriage can help ensure a financially healthy retirement.

Have you ever thought of investing in your marriage?

What are the 3 phases of life in which people think about divorce? I’m no expert, but I have noticed that there are three seasons in life where couples begin to contemplate divorce. I have Ted Lowe, a Real marriage expert, and author of Your Best Us, here with me to see if we can come up with some everyday ideas that you can use to invest in your marriage. Many people have thought about divorce at times, even in a healthy marriage. However, they may not think about how divorce affects their finances and how that could affect their retirement. Listen in on my discussion with Ted Lowe as we talk about how to invest in a strong marriage. 

Is fun an important part of marriage?

What marriage tips and strategies can you learn from Ted Lowe? Ted gives us some wonderful advice on how to maintain a great relationship each day so that you don’t have those big blow-ups that can lead to divorce. Does your wife want to be heard or helped? This can be a challenging question, and knowing when she wants help is important. Do you think fun an important part of marriage? Listen to what Ted Lowe has to say about these questions and other fantastic tips on marriage on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

Words don’t lead to connections, connections lead to words.

We all think about ourselves, that’s natural, but should we bring the “Me” mindset into marriage? Connection is a huge part of marriage and Ted gives us some great advice for learning how to connect with our spouse during the different seasons of marriage. Listen now to hear how you can make real connections with your spouse. A stronger marriage can lead to a stronger place in retirement. I gained so much insight in my chat with Ted Lowe, I can’t wait to implement his suggestions in my own marriage!


  • {00:05] Investing in your marriage
  • [00:30] Reasons for NOT getting a divorce in your 50’s and 60’s


  • [3:15] All about Retirement Plan Live case study to learn how to help yourself
  • [5:43] Let’s meet Lori
  • [7:32] We discuss longevity and life quality
  • [9:20] What Lori and Bruce will be excited about in retirement


  • [13:32] Let’s discuss marriage and divorce
  • [17:00] Meet my guest, Ted Lowe, author of Your Best Us
  • [23:10] How can we diffuse difficult situations in marriage
  • [27:30] How can we manage our marriage through the stages of life
  • [32:30] Where will our connections lead us


  • [40:51] What can we do to make each other happy


  • [41:53] Sign up for Six Shot Saturday and start thinking about your retirement


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Your Best Us: Marriage is Easier Than You Think by Ted Lowe

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

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