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We all have heard the term living simply and possibly associate it with a minimalistic lifestyle. Is there a way we can take the concepts of simple living and apply that to our retirement plan without compromising what is important to us? On this episode of the Retirement Answer Man, we will look at the costs of a large lifestyle and the benefits of simplifying. We all know that a larger house costs more, not only up front but also in the day to day maintenance. Not only that but it is human nature to acquire “stuff” to fill the space in which we live. The larger our house, the more “stuff” we collect. Listen to this episode to hear my advice on how approaching retirement planning with a simplicity mindset can give you amazing confidence and stability.

Home Ownership is great, but it doesn’t define us.

Home ownership and the American Dream go hand in hand, don’t they? We are taught that one of the first steps, after embarking out on your own or getting married, is to buy a house. In my case, it was a 1600 square foot home. From there I soon felt the need to upgrade to a larger house with a larger back yard that I could outfit for the kids and give us space to grow. This might sound like a common situation and it is. Many Americans go through this same journey and it’s not always a bad journey. However in my case, by following the path of our culture we ended up building a cage that trapped us financially. In this week’s show, we’ll address whether or not Home Ownership as our culture sees it is best for retirement and if there is a better way to go. Stay tuned!

I’m not rich, is there a normal person’s retirement plan?

Some of you might be saying, “Roger, I’m not rich. The retirement plans you have been outlining don’t fit me.” You are totally correct, what we have outlined so far on this show is not the average American retirement. That is why I will be creating a “normal” person's retirement plan with someone who might not have as many assets or an adequate nest egg. If you feel something like this would help you in your journey towards retirement, make sure you listen to this episode as well as future episodes to find out what I’m planning.

Buying my home limited my ability to build wealth.

Building wealth and acquiring assets is arguably one of the biggest parts of planning for retirement. Without adequate savings or a means of sustainable income, we can’t expect to retire and keep our desired lifestyle. When my family and I upgraded to a larger home we essentially built a cage around us, a cage of financial obligations. The yard needed to be maintained, the house needed to be cleaned, and the mortgage and taxes had to be paid. These obligations limited my ability to build future wealth for my family and lessened the effect with which I could create assets. If our mindset had been different, we could have enjoyed close to the same lifestyle without the possibility of compromising our future. Listen to this episode to hear a better solution.

Living simply gives us the ability to say “yes.”

Every decision we make in life comes with its own set of obligations. When we choose to live largely we often find ourselves obligated to maintain our lifestyle, or at least pay for it. This can limit our ability to be spontaneous and enjoy the experiences of life. Living simply can reduce the number of obligations in our life, freeing us up to say “yes” to those opportunities that we might otherwise have had to forgo.


  • [0:31] Home ownership and the American Dream
  • [2:34] My average housing expense.
  • [3:30] Bobby’s housing change.


  • [5:21] SJ and her simplified retirement plan.
  • [7:22] Getting an accurate idea of your living expenses.
  • [9:31] Is living in a trailer bad?
  • [12:46] My housing choices hurt my ability to build wealth.
  • [14:43] Simplifying our lives can enable a successful retirement.


[20:21] Living simply gives you flexibility to say “Yes”

[21:00] My trip to Mongolia


  • [21:15] Look for ways to say “Yes”


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