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When I speak to clients and potential clients it’s amazing that the #1 fear they have about retirement is not how they are going to support themselves financially, where they are going to live, or what their standard of living will be. The #1 fear I hear from clients is the fear of losing their minds. Dementia, Alzheimer's, and other mental conditions are top of mind for those nearing retirement because they impact the person’s ability to be themselves. On this episode, I’m facing the subject head-on and even have a guest with me to help us understand what we can do things to prevent the onset of those mind-related diseases and conditions.

What IS dementia, anyway?

On this week’s, “What does THAT mean” segment I’m pulling out the dictionary to discover exactly what it means that a person has “dementia.” I want to take the stigma out of the term so that we can rightly assess how to deal with it and even prevent it if possible. I think you’ll be encouraged by what I discovered as I pondered the possibility of losing my mind. It’s all on this episode.

Every single one of us needs to deal with the possibility of losing our minds.

None of us can escape aging in spite of the efforts we may have made to avoid it. It’s part of the natural journey of life. But we can do things right now that impact the WAY we age and the type of life we are able to enjoy in the future. One of the things we can address is whether or not we lose our minds through a condition like dementia. On today’s show, I feature a guest, Maggie Moon to talk about what dementia is, how we can prevent it, and why it’s such an important issue to think about now while we still can. I hope you’ll take this issue seriously because aging is not something you can avoid - but some of its effects are things you CAN potentially avoid.

The primary way to avoid losing your mind: DIET.

You knew it was coming, didn’t you. When it comes to preventing those mind altering conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia (and many others) the only thing you can truly do to prevent yourself from experiencing them is to give your brain and body what they need to be strong - and that comes through good nutrition. Today’s guest is Maggie Moon, a registered dietitian and researcher who has extensively studied the issue of diet as it relates to the brain. You’ll find Maggie very engaging and quite helpful in the way she describes the things you can do to ensure that your brain is as healthy as it can be as you head into your retirement years.

Happiness is forged one day at a time.

If you think of the concept of happiness as something that can exist both now and in the future, you begin to realize that tomorrow’s happiness depends, to a large extent, on the actions you take today. If you’re going to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful retirement then you have to think ahead and actually DO things today that will lead you there. That’s why I’m talking about a difficult condition that none of us wants to happen to us (dementia) on this episode of the podcast. I want you to be equipped for the happy retirement you’ve always wanted.


  • [0:50] My introduction to this episode’s topic: The biggest fear people have.


  • [3:40] What IS dementia?
  • [4:52] Symptoms of dementia & forms of dementia.


  • [6:34] Dementia facts and figures.


  • [8:34] My guest today, Maggie Moon, and the prevention of dementia.
  • [12:20] What is the M.I.N.D. diet and why is it important for mind health?
  • [14:02] How Maggie started researching brain and mind health.
  • [18:12] The importance of whole grains in the diet.
  • [20:12] How to understand and implement proper serving sizes.
  • [21:33] The easiest way to make meal planning work for you.
  • [23:36] The intimidation of the kitchen and how to get past the fear.


  • [25:55] You create a happy life one day at a time.


  • [28:03] The challenge to keep a food log.



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