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Personal values are really important. Do you know what yours are?

It’s easy to respond immediately to the question with a “Sure, I know what my personal values are.” But do you really? I didn’t until I was challenged by my life coaches - Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins - to write down my top 10 personal values. It was HARD, but so helpful. The reason it’s important to write them down is because you don’t know what you’re aiming at if you don’t clearly identify it. But you’ll also tend to live inconsistently from what you truly believe deep down if you don’t clarify the personal values that matter the most to you. On this episode I’m going to walk you through a way that you can identify and establish your top 10 core values and begin to shape your life around them. It will benefit you personally and set you up for a greater sense of happiness as you enter retirement.

My early adult years were not lived congruent with who I wanted to be.

From early on as a young adult I would have told you that I wanted to be bold, brave, compassionate, loving, a family man, and many other virtuous sounding things. But my wife and kids can tell you that even though I said those things, I didn’t do a very good job at living them out. In fact, I was quite a jerk to the people I loved the most. It took some hard knocks to my hard head to wake me up to the fact that I was not living in congruence with my inner personal values. One of the main reasons was because I hadn’t defined them. On this episode you’ll get to hear the story of my earlier years and what made the difference in the way I see and live my life. And more importantly I’m going to share how YOU can make the changes needed in your life to live in greater congruence with your own set of core values.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s an important question. It’s one I hadn’t given much thought to until my coaches challenged me to answer it - specifically. When I dug deeper to discover the things that motivated my actions I didn’t like everything that I saw. That’s because I wasn’t always acting in a way that was congruent with my core beliefs. So let me ask you again, why do YOU do what you do? If you would like some help in getting to the bottom of that question this episode of The Retirement Answer Man should prove helpful. If you follow through with the suggestions I make on this episode I believe you’ll come away satisfied and more purposeful for the years ahead.

Which is first on your list of personal values, your money or your family?

It may sound ludicrous to even ask the question (I hope so) but you don’t really know the answer until you take the time to decide. Many of us work all of our lives to accumulate money and stuff and leave the relationships in the dust. By our actions someone looking on could easily come to the conclusion that we care more about the money than we do the people. If that sounds “off” to you, it should - and on today’s episode I’m going to give you access to a fillable PDF that you can use to determine and write down your top 10 personal values so that you can be SURE you’re living consistent with what you really want out of life.

There are lots of things I value in life. But these are my top 10.

It may sound a bit artificial to prioritize the top 10 things I value in life - but I did it - and I did it at the suggestion of a couple of life coaches who are helping me get my living (actions) aligned with my beliefs (personal values). On this episode of The Retirement Answer Man I decided to share the results of my “top 10” list with you - not because I have the perfect list of personal values… in fact, yours should be very different than mine - but because my list may serve to help you think through your own list so that YOU can live more congruently with what you truly care about. And I believe that will enable you to live a much happier retirement.


  • [0:27] Why many retirement conversations include “Who do I want to be for the rest of my life?”



  • [4:10] The distaste for both major candidates in the Presidential race.
  • [5:59] Do these two candidates best represent who WE are as individuals?


  • [6:36] Todays term: CONGRUENCE: The state achieved by coming together.
  • [7:35] Why congruence in life is so important to a happy life.


  • [10:33] What happens if you start to live a life more congruent with your beliefs and values.


  • [12:44] Why personal development is a focus of this podcast - and why you should focus on it as part of your journey.
  • [15:05] The first steps I took to come into alignment with my own personal values.
  • [16:43] My top 10 personal values (Maybe my example will resonate with you).




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