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It seems funny to think about but those old Jetsons cartoons from the 1960s and 1970s are actually becoming more and more reality in the present day. More and more opportunity and concern is arising from the advances in technology that we see happening around us. I believe that many of these advances can be used to maximize our lives during retirement, giving us a happier and more comfortable life in those years when most people think of life winding down. For the next few episodes of The Retirement Answer Man I’ll be chatting about some of those technological advances and giving you thoughts about how you can take advantage of them to make your retirement the best it can be.

What the HECK is the Internet of Things?

Have you heard the term, “Internet of Things?” It’s a phrase that’s used these days to talk about many of the technological devices that are created to work together through computer networks to do all kinds of convenient and helpful things - from turning on your lights automatically, to adjust the temperature in your home, to keeping an inventory of the items in your refrigerator. It may sound strange to think of your home being automated in that way but as you move into retirement, it may not be such a bad thing. On this episode I’m going to walk you through some of the ways those kinds of advances can benefit you, giving you a happier and safer retirement season.

Samsung has invested $1.2 million in the Internet of Things.

Why would such a large company invest such a huge amount of money into this “Internet of Things” thing? It’s because the IOT is truly the wave of the future. Things we use every day are becoming more and more interconnected (it’s like a television remote times 100) and the leadership of Samsung sees the potential for new products and services that will not only help the consumer but will also increase their bottom line. This episode of The Retirement Answer Man begins a short series focusing on the technological advances that will be a significant part of our retirement years, with a focus on the things that could give us greater security, mobility, and independence during those years.

Is technology our friend or an enemy to be avoided?

We’ve all seen those doomsday movies (Terminator, The Matrix) where technology has become “alive” and the machines have taken over the world. Those movies represent the fears that many of us feel about the path technological advances could take us - but it’s only one perception of what could occur. I tend to think there will be many more benefits to the rise of technology than we are even able to imagine… and that there’s no reason to be afraid. On this episode I begin a series of episodes highlighting some of the ways I see the advances in technology that are happening all around us becoming a benefit to us in the retirement years ahead. You might be surprised at some of the things that already exist and the ease with which they could help you maintain mobility, independence, and personal safety as you age. Interested? Be sure to listen.

Today’s S.M.A.R.T. Sprint: Try out at least one automated service.

As human beings we often become afraid as the comfort of what we know is disrupted by change. But if we never change then we never grow - and I for one don’t want to stop growing. On this episode of The Retirement Answer Man I describe many automated services or products that improve the quality of life of their users and could be of great benefit to retirees. My challenge today is for you to choose one of the services or products I mention and give it a try. I believe that as you experience the benefits of some of these services or products for yourself, you’re going to find the benefits far outweigh the fears you might have. So be sure to listen, pick out a product or service you are willing to try, and give it a shot!


  • [0:24] My welcome and introduction to this episode of the podcast.
  • [3:00] A preview of the next few episodes.


  • [4:00] Today’s term: “Internet of Things.”


  • [5:37] Samsung is investing $1.2 million in the Internet of Things.
  • [6:00] Why would such a large company make that kind of investment?


  • [7:44] Why do you enjoy technology? (or do you?)
  • [9:13] The MIT Age Lab - a look at technology for older people.
  • [9:55] 3 questions that predict the quality of your life in the future?
  • [12:22] How is technology going to help us maintain independence in our own homes?
  • [23:30] Services that could help us remain independent as we age.
  • [33:00] Tying things together: Amazon Echo.


  • [37:33] What’s the PURPOSE of living longer?
  • [38:45] Purpose can be large or small.


  • [39:55] Test out a couple of the services I mentioned on this episode.


The MIT Age Lab

The NEST Thermostat

A Smart Mattress

Smart Doorbells (with  cameras)

Smart Lightbulbs

Smart Carpet

Smart Refrigerators


Automatic Lawn Mowers

Task Rabbit

Blue Apron



Amazon Echo

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