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You know, there’s a lot of talk these days about the human lifespan being extended because of medical breakthroughs. Is it really going to happen? I tend to think that it’s likely just because of all the advances in nutrition, medicine, and even DNA research. If it does, what are the impacts that living longer is going to have on your retirement? In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking on the topic and believe it’s worth sharing. So on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man, you get to hear me, Roger Whitney, wax philosophical and retirement investing as it relates to your later years… which could be longer than you expect.


HOT TOPIC: Oil prices are low… way low. What impact does it have on you?


Yes, the immediate answer is that decreased oil prices mean savings at the pump and on your utility bills, and with winter already hitting some parts of the Unites States that’s nothing but good news to your monthly budget. But oil prices being this low have other effects that aren’t so easy to spot because they are international effects that have to do with countries, governments, politics, and lots more. That, in turn, can impact your investments. I’ve been giving this some thought and want to give you some insights into those global issues and share with you how it could affect the decisions you make about your investments and your retirement… so give this episode of The Retirement Answer Man a listen.


If you live longer, your income level during retirement could increase.


For some of you that’s a no-brainer. You understood it the moment you read it. But for others, you’re kind of scratching your head. So let me explain… The assumption I’m making is that if you’re living longer, it’s because overall, you’re healthier. And if you’re healthier, you’re going to be able to generate income longer, even if it’s just a part time job you love or a hobby you turn into an online venture. Either way, you’ll have the potential to not only live on your retirement savings and investments, but also to add to the household budget by bringing in additional income on the side. That’s just one of the impacts longevity could have on your retirement. You can hear the rest on this episode of the show.


OK, I’ll give you one more impact longevity could have on your retirement: your monthly spending.


Why would living longer impact your monthly spending? There are actually a number of ways but let me give you just one. If you’re living longer because of the advances in medicine and science that we’re hearing so much about, it will mean that you’re generally healthier at an older age than has traditionally been the case. That means that instead of slowing down, you may be in better physical shape to enjoy the first season of your retirement years. You could be more active, more eager to get out and do things you always wanted to do, to see the world, see the grandkids, and all kinds of other great things. And all of those things take what? Money. So do you see how that could impact the amount you need to save for retirement? In this episode of the show I’ll be giving some of my thoughts on how you can plan for that possibility.


When can you retire? I’m doing a free webinar to help you figure that out.


It’s not a very smart idea to simply retire from your job because you’re 65, or because it’s traditional. You need to know that you will have enough money saved up to last you for your projected lifetime. That makes answering the question of when you’ll be able to retire much more difficult. Coming up on October 28th and 29th I’ll be doing a free webinar to educate you on all the variables involved in setting a retirement date. It’s going to be an interactive, fun, hands-on process where you can figure out the formulas using your own income and information. If you want in on this webinar, you can register for it by going to - and if you can’t make the live webinar, I’m going to have a limited time replay available, so be sure to sign up anyway.




  • [0:24] Welcome and intro to this episode: Current oil prices, how Longevity can impact your retirement, and a couple of listener questions.
  • [2:40] Roger’s upcoming webinar October 28th & 29th!




  • [13:00] The dangers associated with low oil prices.
  • [18:31] What should you do in light of lower oil prices, as an investor and as one preparing for retirement?




  • [12:09] The 5 major impacts longevity could have on your retirement.
  • [13:39] Life expectancy continues to rise in the Unites States.
    • [16:15] Spending issues impacted by longevity.
    • [19:27] Income potential could increase because of longevity.
    • [23:27] The impact on mind and body.
    • [27:45] Lifestyle choices are impacted by longevity.
    • [30:10] Your investments can be impacted by longevity issues.




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