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Today’s episode of The Retirement Answer Man debuts a brand new format that will help you make even more of your retirement and financial planning. From here on out all episodes of RAM will be consist of 3 segments - The Hot Topic, where Roger addresses current issues on the financial horizon - The Practical Planning segment, where Roger gives you practical, actionable tips to help you get your retirement planning headed in the direction you desire - and the Listener Question, where Roger answers YOUR questions about retirement related issues. Listen in to get a feel for the new format and to hear how Roger can help you get your retirement planning well in hand before it’s too late.


HOT TOPIC - A market correction or a bear market?


Last week’s market closed with some alarming numbers and as always, many people are speculating what it means. Is this nothing more than a natural market correction? It could be… it’s been a very long time since the market corrected. But it’s always possible that it’s the beginning signs of a “Bear Market” that could turn things in a very negative direction. Which is it? Nobody can say for certain but the advice Roger has for you in today’s show applies no matter which it turns out to be. Don’t miss this solid, practical tip.


THE KEY to being a great investor!


Nobody invests their money to get small returns. We all want our investment dollars to do the very most for us possible. In this episode of The Retirement Answer Man, Roger addresses the current market situation by advising you how to become the great investor you want to be, no matter what the economic climate. Listen in to find out what Roger believes to be THE KEY to becoming a great investor.


The retirement planning center is available for you - free of charge.


Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a solid track record of investments behind you, or are just getting started on the retirement investing journey, Roger has compiled a treasure trove of resources for you in his free Retirement Planning Center. It’s a quick and easy resource from an experienced retirement advisor that will get you moving in the right direction. If you’d like to gain access, listen to this episode to find out how you can!


What is a Community Foundation and how can it help you with charitable giving?


In today’s main segment Roger has a very informative conversation with Nancy Jones of the Community Foundation of North Texas. Nancy’s experience in dealing with both donors and charities, as well as her interest in finding worthy and trustworthy charities for the foundation’s members, make her a great resource for the topic of today’s show. In this episode you’ll learn what a community foundation is, how it can help you identify charities in your own community that may be the exact fit for your charitable desires, and how the vetting process a community foundation does can help you rest easy, knowing that your charitable contributions are being used well. Find out more about community foundations on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man.




  • [0:32] The theme of today’s show - giving to others without worry.

  • [1:12] Thanks to Allen for the great review.

  • [1:42] A new structure to the podcast - Hot topic - Practical Planning Tip - Main Segment




  • [3:35] A market correction or the next phase of a Bear market?

  • [8:47] The key to being a great investor.

  • [10:08] Roger’s seminar to help you plan out your investing goals - 8/27/15. Text “RAMWebinar” to “33444.”




  • [12:00] The basics of giving to causes and people.

  • [15:18] Get a free retirement planning learning center - text “Planning” to “33444.”




  • [16:13] What are ways I can find a “good” charity to support?

  • [17:08] Roger’s introduction of his conversation with Nancy Jones from “The Community Foundation of North Texas.”

  • [21:20] How a community foundation can benefit a person looking for somewhere to give.

  • [23:56] How does a person with charitable intent manage the worry they might have about running out of money?

  • [26:36] The current IRA rollover provisions, a new possibility.

  • [28:11] What are the minimums required to set up a relationship with a community foundation?

  • [29:15] The benefit of creating experiences for your kids rather than leaving them cash.

  • [32:07] How a community foundation can match you with groups you would be interested in, but don’t know about.

  • [34:39] What’s so important about a “community foundation?”




The Community Foundation of North Texas - Nancy’s organization -


The upcoming Investing Seminar - Text “Ram Webinar” to “33444.”


The Retirement Planning Center - Text “Planning” to “33444.”

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