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There are plenty of people around today that will offer their services as a “life coach” or “business coach.” Few have the demonstrated history of success as businessman, family man and friend to man as Aaron Walker. 

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In this episode, Aaron shares his Journey Towards Retirement. Below are some notable quotes from our talk. 

Aaron Walker's Journey to Retirement

What Does Retirement Means to You?  

“I won’t ever retire. I may slow down but I love building…”   

“Retirement means, I just want to be safe because I may not be able to work”

“I don’t want to quit, but I do believe we should have common sense”

What Are You Most Excited About Retirement?

“I’m excited I’m able to help ordinary men become extraordinary….pouring knowledge and whatever little bit of wisdom I have into others” 

What Are You Most Worried About Retirement?

“What creeps up sometimes is the fear of not being healthy”

“Recently I started paying attention to my health…I’ve lost 40 lbs since November 1st

How Do You Think You're Doing?

“I’m a big real estate guy, 75% of my retirement is in real estate”

“I wish I’d saved a little more cash”

“I worry sometimes if I’m balanced properly”

Who Do You Use in Your Life to Help Make Smart Financial Decisions? 

“For the most part, I’ve done it for myself, that’s the reason I’m not as balanced as I should be”

What Has Been Your Worst Financial Decision?

“I’ve never blown money, I work to hard to make it”

“Its simultaneous with one of my biggest successes. It was when I was 27 years old and I sold my business”

“Looking back now, I think I probably could have parlayed that into something larger”.

“I didn’t know I was going to get bored as fast as I did”

“I came from a very poor family…when to opportunity came along, it was the most money I could ever imagine”

What has been the Hardest Thing to Deal with Personally in Managing Your Finances?

“In managing my finances, I’m self reliant and I probably should have been looking outward more and seeking more expert advice”

What Resources Have Had the Most Impact in Your Life?

What Do You Want to Be Remembered for?

“I want to be remembered as the guy that helped other achieve their goals and dreams”

‘I want to be remembered as the guy that stops waiting to talk and fully engages”

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