Retirement Answer Man

Yeah, you read that right.  Bill and Sally cannot achieve their ideal retirement. That really sucks....or does it???

Remember in episode 55, when I outlined Bill and Sally's ideal retirement? I said "too many people are being too reasonable when setting their retirement goals" and challenged you to think BIG about yours. Well, that's what Bill and Sally did. The fact that they can't achieve their ideal demonstrates that they did it right. They thought BIG about what their life could be. 

Now that they realize that "ideal" isn't reasonable, they can begin the work of prioritizing what matters most to them. That's an awesome accomplishment. Only by thinking BIG first were they able to identify everything they might want. Now they can choose the most important things.

In this episode, I review their ideal retirement goals, financial resources and the results of their ideal retirement analysis. 

Here Are Your Action Items for the Week:

  1. Listen to the episode and think creatively about how we can build a plan for their retirement
  2. Review the ideal retirement analysis, are we missing anything?
  3. Answer the challenging questions.  This is important because YOUR input will be used in our live webinar on March 26th. 

Help Create Their Retirement Plan

  1. What possible changes can they can make?
  2. What changes would have the most impact?
  3. What are some "outside-the-box solutions you've seen?
  4. If they are unwilling to take more investment risk, what is the impact on their life goals?

Go Here and submit your answers and I'll work to incorporate them into next week's webinar.


Bill & Sally Want to Retire Webinar, March 26th at 7:00 CST

If you're not already signed up to plan along side Bill and Sally

sign up for the webinar here.


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