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Medicare eligibility starts at at 65. If you're blessed to be able leave your career earlier, you'll need to evaluate your healthcare options until then. This week I talk with health insurance guru, Misty Kimbrough about your healthcare options before age 65.

Invest Wisely     3 things you can do to ignore the voices in your head

I'm starting to hear voices in my head. Maybe you are too. They're asking "Should I move to the sidelines? Should I wait to invest?"  Certainly we've heard these voices on our beloved financial media outlets. Over the last 3 weeks or so, equity markets have had some big down days and it's making people nervous.

Don't base your investment strategy off of intuition, regardless of how well reasoned you think it is. The fact is professional investors struggle with timing markets. Even those that have great "market calls" can't do it consistently enough to be of much use to you or I.

  1. Stop chasing rainbows. Turn off all financial that peddles predictions, forecasts, etc. Don't fall for the siren sound of predicting the future. It's hard to tune out. We all want certainty. We crave it. It's uncomfortable to sit with not knowing. You must though if you are going to focus on the things you can control
  2. Revisit your cash reserves. Having enough cash so your long-term investments can be long-term. Selling at the wrong time because you need the money can be a disastrous to your portfolio.. Initially target 3 months lifestyle expenses and increase it if your income is less certain. For retirees, we target 18 months of expected lifestyle expenses.
  3. Rebalance your portfolio. If you haven't rebalanced your portfolio to your target risk/return profile, do it. Part of investing wisely is consistently rebalancing to your targeted risk/return profile.

Plan Well     Health Insurance Options Before Age 65

This week I talk again with Misty Kimbrough from Red Apple Insurance. She and I discuss the insurance landscape if you've been blessed to retire early. We discuss:

  • How COBRA coverage works
  • Insurance options before you're eligible for Medicare
  • Individual insurance plans (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • How to structure your individual policy
  • Should you go on your spouse's plan
  • Insurance add on options.

Retirement Answers     How Do I Choose Long Term Care Insurance

This week I added a 2 page fact sheet to give you the basics on long term care insurance. You can access it for free by clicking the cool button below


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