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“How do I understand Social Security and Medicare?”  This is a question I hear most often from people planning for retirement. It's understandable. Social Security and Medicare benefits will play a big part in your retirement. 

In this episode we begin to unwrap both and begin to build a framework for you make decisions about your Social Security and Medicare benefits. I say we “begin” intentionally. These are BIG subjects. In future episodes, we’ll continue to improve your understanding of your Social Security and Medicare.


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Retirement Tip of the Week

I suggest you visit and explore our government's Social Security website. It is an easy to navigate, useful resource to help you manage your Social Security benefits. YES, I just said “useful” and “government” in the same sentence. They did a great job designing the site.

 You can easily:


  • Apply for benefits,
  • Check the status of an application
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Estimate your Social Security
  • Estimate your spouse’s benefit
  • Sign up for your Social Security benefit
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Access their Retirement Toolkit (a great PDF document that outlines key dates for Social Security and Medicare)


Unwrapping Medicare: The Basics

This week I talk with Misty Kimbrough, a local insurance expert about the basics of Medicare. She outlines the basic parts of Medicare and the 3 most common missteps people make when planning medicare benefits for retirement.

Part A “major medical” coverage covering health care costs at hospitals 

Part B Covers the costs of health care outside of a hospital. Doctor visits, outpatient procedures, x-lab test and related services

Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

Part C Medicare Advantage Plan

Part D Prescription Drug Plan

3 Common Medicare Missteps 

Resources Discussed

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