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This is the episode to listen to if you are looking for hacks to save money on travel. You’ll hear my personal travel tips, as well as tips from the Rock Retirement Club, and international travel hacks. BW also joins in for the Coach’s Corner segment to enlighten us on his own views on how travel can benefit your retirement. You won’t want to miss this episode. Make sure to take notes on these travel hacks that will save you money. 

Hacks to save money on your retirement travel

Where will you go in your retirement? Have you already started planning your retirement trips? Planning the logistics of travel can be tricky but I like to use Google Flights to help me search for the best prices. Google Flights can be dynamic and your flexibility can really save you money. Use the alert function to set price alerts for places you want to go. 

I also use my network of friends and acquaintances to get tips on where to go and what to do when I’m planning a trip somewhere. The people you know can really enhance your travel experiences. You never know who has been to the places you want to go. 

Travel tips from the Rock Retirement Club

The Rock Retirement Club is an amazing hive of knowledge. I love tapping into this invaluable resource. The members of this club have some great tips to share with you. Here are a few. 

  1. Utilize Costco Travel, Scott’s Cheap Flights, or your favorite airline’s credit card.
  2. If you visit a place annually make a checklist to make it easy to remember things you want to do or places you love to go.
  3. Sign up for TSA Precheck or Global Entry to fly through those lines
  4. Plan ahead, especially for popular national parks
  5. Don’t overschedule your time. You need downtime and flexibility.

Learn how to improve your travel experience in retirement by listening to this episode to hear all our collective travel tips. 

Hacks for international travel

Retirement is a great time to finally experience the world. But planning international travel can be daunting. You’ll be in a foreign place where you don’t understand the language or customs. Some of these travel tips can ease your worries about international travel. 

  1. Purchase travel insurance. You never know when you’ll need to use it.
  2. Get your cell phone service in order. Listen in to find out how I ended up with a $1000 phone bill after one international trip!
  3. Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program through the U.S Embassy.
  4. Check the CDC for vaccine information and health risks if you plan to go to some exotic locales.
  5. Get a medical pack from your doctor to be prepared for any situation

This episode is chocked full of travel hacks and you’ve got to listen to hear them all.

What will the Secure Act mean for you?

It looks like the Secure Act will pass and become the law before the end of the year. This will mean significant changes are coming to retirement planning. This Act contains 29 provisions, some of which will be big changes, but others won’t have much of an impact. Here are a few changes you might see in the coming year. 

  1. Required Minimum Distributions will move from age 70 ½ to 72. 
  2. The RMD life expectancy table will change as well. 
  3. The Secure Act will repeal the maximum age to contribute to an IRA
  4. The new law will get rid of the Stretch IRA. Find out what that means for you and your heirs by listening in! 
  5. I’m so excited that it will be easier for small businesses to offer 401Ks to their employees. 

You’ll have to listen in to hear the rest of the ways that the Secure Act will change saving for retirement.



  • [2:33] Tips on how to save money on travel 
  • [7:45] Why it is important to tell your network of your travel plans
  • [9:23] Tips from the RRC
  • [14:30] International travel tips


  • [19:40] What will the Secure Act mean for you?


  • [27:00] The anticipation of travel can be a lot of fun


  • [35:15] Think about the person you want to become next year

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