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Seriously, does watching the market and comparing your investment performance to some benchmark help you create a great life??? Of course it doesn't. So stop. Stop worrying about "keeping up with the market" and get down to the important work of creating a great life.


If you are investing without trying to achieve some greater goal, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Comparative investing is a losers game. It can:

  • create a never good enough mindset
  • cause you to over trade and chase investments
  • make you susceptible to product sales pitches
  • cause you to take too much investment risk (for no reason)
  • increase your stress
  • cause you to become disillusioned with investing

Last week, I asked a recently retired couple what they wanted. Did they want to keep up with the market or have confidence that they could maintain their lifestyle? You guessed it, they didn't care about the market, they cared about their life. Smart ones, they are.



During working years a lot of our purpose comes from our job, but once we stop working nothing will automatically replace them. Unless we are intentional and planful, retirement can feel like a big let down.

John Knowlton, CFP just launched to help you avoid this big letdown. He's created resources  in 3 areas that research has shown are critical to a healthy retirement:

  • Purpose (a reason to get out of bed)
  • Meaning (what if leisure isn't enough?)
  • Social contact (people to connect with)

Listen to our great conversation for key insights into how to create your own fulfilling retirement.

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