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Working during retirement could be the best thing you do to find meaning, stay healthy and earn money while doing what you love.


In her book, Second-Act Careers: 50 Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement, Nancy Collamer has created a great resource for anyone wanting to take their passion and earn income from it during retirement.

Nancy Collamer is a speaker, career coach, and author who writes a semi-monthly career column for (PBS) and Her home on the internet is

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Why second-act careers are a second chance to do what you love
  • How Baby Boomers will change the concept of retirement
  • Why it is important to fill your days with meaning
  • How to blend your passion and work to live more fully during retirement
  • How part-time income during retirement can allow you to retire earlier
  • How to take things you love (like travel) and make money doing it during retirement
  • How to test drive retirement work options before committing
  • Examples of others that are doing what they love during retirement and earning an income
  • Common mistakes retirees make with second-act careers

Also, 4 Reasons You Should Completely Ignore Extreme Market Predictions

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The Library includes worksheets and checklists to help you plan for and live in retirement. Each month new resources are added based on client and reader questions. Together we can build a library to Plan Well and Invest Wisely for retirement.

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Resources Discussed

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