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Take a breath, check yourself, and then observe where things are at. 

That’s what Rosie and I are doing on this episode of Retirement Plan Live.

After the last episode in which Rosie planned out all her hopes and dreams for retirement, today we’re taking a look at her financial picture. We’ll walk through the sources of her social, human, and financial capital to see where she and her husband stand financially. 

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How will Rosie pay for those retirement dreams?

We can never know anything for certain, about our financial future, but we can build a solid framework to build up our confidence in our plan. Last week, Rosie laid out her retirement goals and as she did so she tied those into her values. Our goals are really just a representation of our values. 

As we walk through Rosie’s finances we analyze three different types of capital: social, human, and financial. Social capital includes guaranteed payment sources. The most familiar example of social capital is Social Security. Rosie and Dwayne don’t have any pensions, but Rosie is collecting $2200 per month from Social Security. Soon Dwayne will also receive $1800 per month from Social Security as well. In about six years they will begin to receive a small annuity payment. 

Dwayne is the one providing human capital with his flexible part-time work online. This work contributes between $15-20,000 per year. He plans to continue working part-time for about six more years. 

Their financial capital includes $30,000 in after-tax assets, $680,000 in pre-tax assets, and $55,000 in tax-free assets. 

Build your net worth statement as you listen

Listen in to hear what other kinds of assets Rosie and Dwayne have as we walk through building a net worth statement. When was the last time you updated your net worth statement? 

January is a great time to observe where you are financially so that you can marshall your resources to ensure that you can achieve your goals. As Rosie and I build her net worth statement you can too. 



  • [4:20] Their social capital
  • [6:30] Their human capital
  • [7:35] Their financial capital
  • [9:02] Their other assets


  • [15:54] A Social Security error - who to call?
  • [19:36] What can Sarah do to get closer to retirement under less than ideal circumstances?
  • [24:00] How to know if benefits will continue to increase


  • [26:56] Update your net worth statement

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