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We learned in the first episode of Retirement Plan Live that Joelle and her husband Mike had moved to a new area to pursue their retirement dreams. Joelle and Mike are now learning how to build community and purpose in their new home. Listen in to learn how Joelle plans to make social connections and find purpose in retirement as she creates her new life.

The Rock Retirement Club is open

The Rock Retirement Club will be open for enrollment for ten days starting on 1/27. If you have been thinking about joining, this is the right time to act. 

We have implemented this short-term enrollment window so that new members can make connections with each other while working to build their retirement plan of record. This way, RRC freshmen can come in as a cohort and fully participate in their membership by taking full advantage of everything that the club has to offer. New members will participate in meetups and have access to the masterclass, retirement planning tools, and the private RRC podcast. 

Even if you are too late to join this enrollment, fill out the application and get on the waiting list so that you will be first in line when enrollment opens again. 

What will Joelle do with her time in retirement?

Once you finally reach retirement you have to figure out what to do with all of your time. When Joelle moved to her new home in Washington she knew that she would need to find a way to fill 40 hours of her time that was previously spent working. 

Joelle has found a new yoga and pilates class to keep fit and connect with others and through these exercise classes, she was even able to connect with a hiking group. 

Exercise and connecting with others are important components of retirement. However, finding a purpose in retirement is even more important. Joelle understands that the success of her retirement hinges on finding a purpose which is why she sought out a nonprofit organization to volunteer with shortly after moving to her new home. Listen in to hear how Joelle found this organization and what she plans to do with her time in retirement.

Making friends in a new place

Moving to a new place can be challenging and when you do so upon retirement it is important to get involved in the community. Without workplace interactions, making friends is even more difficult than in the working years. Joelle has thrown herself into participating in her new exercise classes and volunteering with the nonprofit organization. Although she still doesn’t have anyone that she can truly call a friend, she has several acquaintances with whom she is looking forward to making a deeper connection.

Do you have any strategies for making friends in a new place? How will you expand your friendship base in retirement?



  • [1:30] What will Joelle do with her time in retirement?
  • [10:18] Making new friends can be a challenge
  • [16:09] Volunteering will give her a sense of purpose


  • [19:13] Greg is worried that the Social Security system will run out of money
  • [25:04] Strategies to improve the longevity of the Social Security system
  • [27:20] How to find a retirement financial planner
  • [29:58] Roth conversions vs. earned income
  • [30:53] Where to find a retirement plan of record template
  • [32:14] Using human capital and financial capital to retire early and receive ACA credits
  • [36:07] Health savings account beneficiaries


  • [38:44] Think about your strategy to create community and connections in retirement

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