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Welcome to the Retirement Answer Man show, this month we’ll be doing a Retirement Plan Live! The Retirement Plan Live series allows you to take an in-depth look at a person’s goals, resources, and net worth to determine whether they are ready to retire. At the end of the month, on Thursday, January 28th, we will wrap it all up with a live webinar that you can join to see how it all works out. Register for that event at

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Begin with the end in mind

On your last day on earth, the person you become will meet the person you could have become. Will those two people know each other or will they be strangers? 

When you retire you finally get to organize your life to express the person that you are and want to become. 

You have worked for decades saving and investing as you built your career. Now you can use those resources to become who you really want to be. You get to magnify your best self.

Who is Trish?

Trish is 51 years old and her spouse is 60. Her plan was to retire at age 55, however, that plan was foiled since she was recently let go from her job. Trish worked for the same company for 30 years and despite receiving almost 1 year of severance pay, she feels lost. Losing her job has been devastating and she feels like she has lost her identity. How would you feel if you suddenly lost your job? Is your identity tied to your career?

What would Trish like to accomplish?

Everyone has a dream of retirement, and Trish is no different. She and her partner hope to get a house in a warmer climate and be snowbirds for a bit before finally settling down in that location. She pictures herself going to the beach every day and drinking fancy drinks with umbrellas in them. 

But Trish doesn’t only think of herself. She and her spouse are very family-oriented and love to take trips with their siblings and nieces and nephews. The real question is how big can she dream? We’ll tackle that question in the next episode.

Do you wish you could do your own Retirement Plan Live?

The Retirement Master Class in the Rock Retirement Club mirrors what we do here in the Retirement Plan Live series. This master class walks you step by step and helps you build your own retirement plan based on who you want to become. You’ll learn how to identify your goals, organize your resources, and discover what is feasible. We teach you how to dream with the end in mind by focusing on who you want to become. Check out the Rock Retirement Club to learn more.



  • [2:14] Beginning with the end in mind


  • [3:44] The Retirement Master Class helps you build your retirement plan
  • [7:28] Who is Trish?
  • [13:08] Losing her job has been like losing her identity
  • [18:10] What would she like to have accomplished at 80?


  • [22:57] Sam retired early with no regrets
  • [26:58] She has made time for the things she enjoys
  • [30:37] Have her spending estimates been accurate?
  • [35:09] What is she excited about?


  • [36:57] Have the courage to live a life true to yourself

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