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This is it -- the last episode of Retirement Plan Live 2021! We have walked Trish through her unexpected retirement to see if she has what it takes to build the retirement of her dreams. Over the past 4 episodes, we have gotten to know Trish and her situation. We have taken an in-depth look at her goals, resources, and net worth to help her assess whether she is ready to retire. If you would like to start this series from the beginning, head back over to episode 359, if you’ve already listened then press play now. 

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Please join us tomorrow, January 28 at 7 pm CST, for the live webinar where I’ll help Trish discover if this dream of hers is attainable. We’ll identify the risks and opportunities she has to create a feasible plan to rock retirement. During this live webinar, you can ask questions and have them answered. You can even use Trish’s example as a case study to help you build your own retirement plan. 

What is identity?

Identity encompasses everything about you. It is a mishmash of your memories, experiences, values, and relationships. All together this big pot creates who you are. 

Consequently, identity is not fixed -- it changes over time. There are pivot points in your life, like those transitions from high school to college, college to career, marriage, and family. We can use these points in life as opportunities to start with a fresh slate and remake our identities. 

Retirement is another opportunity to start over and remake your identity. If you haven’t spent enough time creating your identity outside of work it can feel scary to think about who this new you is going to be. Have you thought about who you want to be in retirement? 

Trish lost her sense of control after getting laid off

Trish had worked at her job for 29 years. We don’t see that very often anymore. She truly thought that she would work there until she chose to retire at age 55. So when she was laid off unexpectedly this past October, it was like a kick in the gut. She is still reeling from the effects. 

Every day she keeps the same routine, she gets up, goes for a run, gets dressed, and heads to her home office to search for work from 8-5. Will coming up with a retirement plan help ease her worries?

What does this make possible?

When we are in the midst of a problem it can be easy to lose perspective. This is why it is important to slow down and make purposeful decisions. One question to ask yourself when dealing with the unexpected is: what does this make possible? Can Trish begin to see the possibilities? Can she start looking ahead? What about you? Do you know how you can create a meaningful life after retiring? Listen in to hear from retirement coach, BW, he has helpful advice for Trish that may resonate with you as well. 



  • [2:11] What is identity?


  • [7:25] Trish wasn’t happy to get laid off
  • [14:35] Would not needing a job help her relax?
  • [20:53] What is she doing to help herself get through this?


  • [25.11] Slow down and be purposeful
  • [31:03] Trish can find the balance


  • [35:05] Let yourself be happy

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