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The decisions you make now can affect how you age. Most people would prefer to age in their own home. There’s something about living in our own homes that provides comfort and peace and we want to hold on to that for as long as we can. On this episode, we will explore how technology can help keep you independent longer. We will check out the different technologies that exist already as well as what is in store for us in the future. Join me to discover the exciting world of technology and learn how it can help you rock retirement.

What is it about owning a home that makes us feel independent?

Do you remember when you finally bought your own home? You could finally paint it however you wanted (with your wife’s permission, of course!). Having our own home creates a sense of privacy, self-determination, and control over our environment. Living alone ensures that we are not a burden to anybody else. Nobody wants to be institutionalized. We don’t want other people to control our routine and invading our space. Listen to this episode to discover how technology can help keep you in your own home longer.

What are some benefits of aging in place?

Living out your golden years in your own home is not only preferable to you but there are added benefits that you may not have considered.

  1. Aging in place can cost less than assisted living, nursing home or a retirement community.
  2. It’s more comfortable. You are surrounded by all of your favorite stuff and you know where things are.
  3. It helps slow the advancement of memory loss. Since you know where everything is already you are less apt to forget things.
  4. Living at home strengthens your social network. There is a comfort in seeing those you know around you. Not just your friends, but neighbors and others in your community as well.
  5. You have a higher sense of self-determination. 40% of baby boomers expect to remodel their homes in the future or near the time of their retirement.

If you are considering remodeling your home or updating it, listen to this episode to hear how to harness technology to set yourself up for aging in place.

How can you harness technology now to set yourself up in the future?

We are living in exciting times. There has been an explosive growth in technology since the revolutionary “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial. Grocery delivery or curbside pickup allows you to skip the trip to the grocery store if you aren’t feeling up to it. If you feel insecure about living alone you can get a camera security system around your house complete with a video doorbell system. The Nest or programmable thermostat can understand your habits and keep your home comfortable. The Roomba vacuum can help you tidy up. When you are considering updating or remodeling your house consider the upgrading to the latest technology, whether you get an easy loading washer and dryer, a smart refrigerator, smart lights and activity sensors. You may not need it now but this technology can help you age in place.

What does technology have in store for us in the future?

Robotic lawn care will be like a Roomba but for your lawn. Can you imagine that they are creating mirrors that assess your health? They will look for warning signs of illness. If that’s not crazy enough, they are creating toilets that analyze the contents! Pill management can be confusing especially if you have more than one prescription. They are creating pill bottles that can help you keep track of when they have been used. In Japan, there is a large aging population already and they have developed carebots. Carebots are robots designed to help older people. They can do many things from carrying you, to turning from a bed to a wheelchair, to fetching things for you. Listen to this episode to hear what the future may bring to help you age in place.



  • [3:20] Most people would prefer to age in their homes
  • [6:12] What are some benefits of aging in place?
  • [12:06] The decisions you make now will affect your future


  • [14:56] How can you harness technology now to set you up in the future?
  • [23:54] What technology is coming in the future?


  • [30:05] Prioritize your happiness


  • [32:25] What can you do to prepare your home to age in place?

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