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Are you creating healthy habits so that you can age well? Since we are going to live longer lives we want to make sure that we live well not just live long. On this episode of the Longevity and Retirement series on Retirement Answer Man we dive into how to create great habits so that we can age well. What kind of healthy habits have you created to ensure that you age well? Find out which 8 habits can help you improve your life as you age by listening to this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

Are subscription services helpful or a waste of money?

What kind of subscription services do you have? Subscription services are a great way to pay money for things that you truly value. But they can add up if you aren’t careful. Many of us have several different kinds of subscription services ranging from Netflix to gym memberships to the Rock Retirement Club. If you aren’t careful subscribing to multiple services can get out of control and you can even forget that you signed up for something. It's a good idea to periodically review your credit card and bank statements for these recurring charges. Learn 3 steps you can take to ensure that you aren’t paying for services that you don’t use by listening to the Hot Topic segment.

Habits make us who we are

What habits are important to you? The idea of creating good habits becomes much more important as we age. Habits make us who we are but they can also prolong your life. As we age we can experience a cognitive and physical decline. But if you create healthy physical, mental, emotional, and relational habits now they can serve you in later years and help you age well. Some habits can even help you lengthen your lifespan. These 5 habits have been proven to help you live longer.

  1. Not smoking
  2. Moderate alcohol intake
  3. Regular exercise of 30 minutes or more per day
  4. A healthy diet
  5. Maintaining a healthy normal weight

These 8 habits can help you live better and help you age well

Most people don’t have a goal of living to be 100. The thought of living 20 years or more in old age can be frightening. You don’t have control over how long you will live but you do have control of how well you can live. Consider these 8 habits to help you age well.

  1. Exercise. Your exercise habit should include stretching, strength training, and endurance training.
  2. Have a purpose in life. Do something that is meaningful to you whether it is volunteering or even being a fantastic grandparent. Make sure you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. What is your purpose? Cultivate a purpose
  3. Train your mind. Training your mind is just as important as training your body as you age. Challenge yourself to learn something new.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight. Eat well.
  5. Cultivate a positive mental attitude. Seniors that think of a time of wisdom and satisfaction are 40% more likely to recover from a disability than those who see aging as synonymous with helplessness.
  6. Improve your mood. This can affect so much more than you realize.
  7. Stay social. Create positive social networks that go down the age spectrum. You can keep the friends your age of course, but try to befriend those younger than you as well.
  8. Be a participant in life, not a spectator. Stay out and about, don’t just watch other people do things.



  • [2:53] Subscription services are a way to pay money for things you care about


  • [14:41] Habits make you who you are
  • [17:50] 5 habits that could help you lengthen your lifespan
  • [20:11] 8 habits to live and age well


  • [35:04] Create an environment that brings people to you


  • [36:38] Pick one of the 8 habits to help you age well

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