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Michael Balchan from Heroic and I have been discussing how to live a heroic retirement for the last several episodes. Today, we wrap up this theme and learn to integrate the subjects we have discussed in the past 4 episodes into rocking retirement.

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Rekindle your best self each morning

If you have ever been camping you understand the importance of building a campfire. This camping essential provides heat and a way to cook, however, each night you must turn it off when you go to sleep. In the morning, you rekindle the fire to warm yourself up and start the morning off right.

This is just like living your best self. Each morning you must wake up and consciously rekindle your fire. By setting your intentions, you provide a way to set yourself up for success each day.

Live each moment to create your best life

Since all we have is the now, each moment is an opportunity to live your best life. All you can do is show up one moment at a time to live life fully and completely. Looking back on your life you’ll see a bunch of separate great and not-so-great moments strung together to create a life. 

If you are prepared to show up one moment at a time and live fully and completely you’ll find that those movements create an amazing life. 

Rocking retirement is about living heroically while mastering your finances

Here on this show, in my book, Rock Retirement, and the Rock Retirement Club, we talk about rocking retirement all the time. So it’s important to understand what I mean by rocking retirement. Rocking retirement is integrating the business of retirement with the act of living a heroic life. 

The business side of retirement means getting the financial side of retirement correct. With agile retirement management, you’ll adjust your financial plan in a series of little changes so that you can have the confidence to weather the storms that life throws at you

By living a heroic retirement, you’ll create an amazing life for yourself each day by showing up and consciously choosing to become a better person.

The RRC can help you live a heroic retirement

The Rock Retirement Club helps people with both sides of their retirement journey. Marrying the two together is how to really rock retirement. 

The Rock Retirement Club is a safe place both online and in person to take the baby steps to set you on your way to rocking retirement. In the club, you’ll receive a world-class education from financial and retirement experts while walking this journey with other like-minded individuals who are traveling the same path. 

Our next enrollment for the RRC is at the end of October, so be on the lookout if you have been considering joining the club. 



  • [4:38] It can be easy to beat yourself up for being human
  • [9:52] How living your best self has to do with rocking retirement


  • [12:12] Does Social Security count 401K withdrawals as income
  • [14:58] Single retirees are often struggling alone
  • [16:30] Should we charge for the podcast?
  • [17:37] Does it make sense to sell higher fee funds and reinvest in lower fee funds?
  • [24:00] On balancing the portfolio in today’s market


  • [30:45] Finding Kevin’s retirement identity


  • [36:00] Discover a morning ritual

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BOOK - Rock Retirement  by Roger Whitney

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