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Good health is not something you can buy, but it can be an important savings account for your future. Over the course of the next 4 episodes, we will focus on how to stay healthy and fit in retirement. We’ll discuss exercise, mobility, and nutrition. In the final episode of the Let’s Get Physical series, you’ll learn how to create an action plan to build and maintain healthy habits throughout retirement. Press play to get started on creating a healthy life.

What is the difference between hurt and harm?

The difference between hurt and harm is somewhat obvious but it may not be readily apparent when it comes to making decisions. You may put off going to the dentist to get your tooth fixed because you know it is going to hurt. We generally try to avoid hurt, but hurt can be beneficial. Hurt itself, isn’t a bad thing. Eating junk food and choosing not to exercise doesn’t hurt, but it does harm you. It is important to recognize the difference between hurt and harm to help you stay healthy.

Modern medicine provides longevity, not quality of life

Modern medicine is amazing, however, there is a dark underbelly to our healthcare system. Longevity is the goal of modern medicine, not quality of life. If you are unhealthy, medications can keep you alive much longer than you would have ever been alive in years past. You may even be able to live as long as a healthy person. But those additional years that drugs and doctors’ care provide you will not be high quality and productive, instead, life will be painful and stagnant. 

The costs of being unhealthy

Choosing an unhealthy lifestyle ends up being costly. The more unhealthy you are, the more you will pay for healthcare. And although this number can be quantified in dollars, there are other costs as well. These social costs aren’t easily quantifiable, but they will certainly be felt. 

Rather than being an active participant in life, an unhealthy person becomes a spectator. Their mindset changes and they tend to break from the person they once were. They shift from a growth dynamic to a decaying dynamic. Are you willing to take the risks that come with an unhealthy life? You can’t change the choices you made in the past, but you can change your unhealthy habits now. 

Good habits compound over time

Small habits make us who we are. Just like saving money, our habits (good or bad) compound over time. You can’t buy good health, but you can invest in it. Building healthy eating and exercise habits doesn’t have to be about your weight or how you look. The purpose of creating healthy habits in retirement is to build energy and increase functionality. Listen in to learn how to create healthy habits so that you can rock retirement. 



  • [1:30] What is the difference between hurt and harm?


  • [4:48] The goal of modern medicine is longevity, not quality of life
  • [8:18] Healthy habits compound over time


  • [12:20] The keys to ETFs and mutual funds
  • [15:11] A health savings account question
  • [19:11] My thoughts on the 4% rule
  • [22:37] Can Gary’s 401K annuity be moved within the 401K?


  • [25:18] Pay attention to your eating and exercise habits

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