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Over the past 3 episodes, we have been talking about different ways that you can improve your health in retirement. Today you’ll take action. Choose the habits you want to build and learn how to actually build these habits and set yourself up for success. Learning about health and nutrition is one thing, but taking action is something else entirely. Press play so you don’t miss out on these tips to learn how to create and stick with healthy habits.

Do you need to redefine your fitness identity?

When we are young it can be easy to take on a fitness identity. I’m a mountain biker. He’s a basketball player. She’s a swimmer. But as we age we can face a fitness identity crisis. Our fitness becomes more about mobility and nutrition. 

To help yourself create your new fitness identity think about what you want to accomplish. What do you want to improve about yourself? What new version of yourself would you like to see? Think about your motivation. Why do you want to have a healthy body? This is how you can define yourself. Listen in to hear my new motivation for good health.

Choose the habits you want to build

The power of good (or poor) health comes from habits. Positive and negative habits compound over time so to begin a healthy lifestyle you have to start by building healthy habits. You could start by building a huge meal plan or exercise routine, but that could also set you up for failure. Rather than creating a strict workout routine try tinkering with your movements to explore healthy activities that you really enjoy. 

How to build a habit and make it stick

You may already understand the importance of building healthy habits but some of us don’t know how to make them stick. Many of us try to create a routine but then struggle to maintain the habits we have created. Luckily, starting and keeping up healthy habits doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Try using these tips to help you create and maintain your healthy habits. 

To create healthy habits:

  1. Set yourself up for success. Make the habit simple to do. 
  2. Create friction. Take a bad habit and make it hard to do. 
  3. Start with a small habit. Plan on starting with 5 or 10 minutes a day. 

To maintain and build up your new habits:

  1. Over time increase your routine in small ways.
  2. As you build up your routine, split it up into separate times each day. 
  3. When you falter restart quickly and don’t beat yourself up about it. 

You have the opportunity to change your health

Retirement gives you the freedom to change your lifestyle. You have the opportunity to structure your day in a more purposeful manner. Think about who you want to be in retirement and get started building the habits you need to become that person. Listen in to the Coaches Corner segment with BW to hear how movement and mindset can shape your retirement.



  • [3:30] Most of us have to redefine our fitness identity as we age 
  • [7:25] How to build a habit
  • [15:32] Two stories to demonstrate different life views 


  • [19:45] Movement and mindset can help keep you young
  • [26:52] Use technology to improve your health


  • [34:36] Start to make a change to improve your health

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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BOOK - Atomic Habits by James Clear

Stride app

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