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If you are interested in living a healthy life you have to consider the food that you put into your body. The food you consume fuels your body and shapes your life. On this episode of Retirement Answer Man, you’ll learn 5 tips for ensuring excellent nutrition. You’ll also discover a few resources that can help you improve your thinking around nutrition. Grab your headphones and dive into this episode so that you can rock retirement by living a healthy life. 

What is diet?

Americans have an interesting relationship with the word diet. The word often invokes thoughts of failure and restrictions and no one likes to feel restricted. 

However, there are two definitions of the word diet. A diet is a special course of food to which one restricts oneself either to lose weight or for medical reasons and it also means the kind of food a person or animal eats.

As we’re discussing diet today we should consider the second definition rather than the first. This definition encompasses our whole lifestyle rather than considering the short term. To rock retirement, we want the cumulative benefits of a healthy diet rather than a short-term fix. When you consider the word diet I encourage you to think of it as a way to reset your eating habits to a healthier version. 

What is your relationship with food

We all have a relationship with food and often that relationship was built when we were young. But you may not want to continue eating the same way you did when you were in your teens and twenties. When we were young we could eat anything without seeing much of a change in our bodies. This is because our metabolism was high. But as we age our body chemistry changes and we don’t burn through calories like we did in the past. Think about your relationship with food. Do you still eat like you did in your twenties?

Modern food is made for convenience, not health

Everything about modern, industrialized food is created for mass production, shelf life, and consistency of flavor. As a result, modern food is high in fat, sodium, and sugar which makes it unhealthy. Added to the lack of nutrition, our portion sizes have gotten bigger in recent years. It is no wonder that our bodies haven’t adjusted to the modern diet. 

How to build a healthy diet

To create a healthy diet you want to make sure to eat food - not food products. This means eating fresh foods that don’t have a shelf life. Add colors to your plate by eating fruits, leafy greens, and whole grains.

Eating well means that you’ll have to plan your meals and give up on convenience food. Are you ready to change the way you eat? Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to learn 5 tips you can use to improve your nutrition. 



  • [1:30] What is diet?


  • [7:27] We all have a relationship with food
  • [10:02] Modern food is produced to be unhealthy
  • [16:16] Understand how to read labels


  • [22:21] How to save later in life
  • [27:55] Feedback on the Parent Project series


  • [32:44] Start reading the labels in your pantry

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