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Risks can rob you from living a great life. Focus too much on them and you can miss out on a full life. Ignore risks and you can destroy your family's financial security. If you've started planning for retirement, you're probably overwhelmed with all the things you should worry about. This week, we'll address, head on, some of the biggest risks during retirement and help you assess  how to handle them.


Important Note: If you haven't listened to step 1 or 2 of Carl's Plan you'll want to start there:

  • Step 1 Imagine Your Ideal Retirement
  • Step 2 Identify and Organize Your Financial Resources

This week, you'll focus on identifying and managing some of the big risks we all face during retirement.

  • Longevity risk--Will you live to 100? Here's a calculator to estimate our chances
  • Inflation risk--What could the cost of living be 15 years from now? Find out here
  • Market risk
  • Tax risk
  • Health care risk
  • Long-term care risk
Here's Your Action Items for This Week
  1. Make sure to listen to the episode. I discuss each one of these retirement risks and provide some insights into how you can plan for them.
  2. Review Carl's health care cost estimates. This will give you some insight into what you can expect.
  3. Review worksheets. Review the Facing the Complexities of Medicare and Choosing Long-Term Care Insurance worksheets. These will give you the basics on how to address each area.
  4. Complete the Will I Live to 100? calculator. The odds might be greater than you think.
  5. Complete the Retirement Health Care Cost Estimator (optional). If you submit it, you'll receive a free personalized estimate of your retirement health care costs to help you plan for the future.
  6. Finally, ask questions. If you're stuck or unclear about something, shoot me an e-mail. I'll do my best to answer your question. Simply click here and ask your questions.
In week 4, we'll discuss how to organize your affairs and set a gifting strategy for those you  love.

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