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How to pay for college is one of the most frequent questions I get from parents.

This week I interviewed Celest Horton from How to Pay For College HQ to learn about the great resources to help parents pay for college.

Celest knows it's possible to pay for college without student loans (she did it). Each week, on her How to Pay for College HQ podcast she interviews industry experts to help listeners learn what is necessary to plan, prepare and pay for college without the assistance of loans.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The need for your teenager to be engaged in the process of selecting a college and applying for aide
  • The importance of your teenager to show a "demonstrated interest" in schools they want to go to so they can improve their chances of receiving merit aide. They can do this by following a school on social media and intreating with the admissions department.
  • How a high school senior could graduate with 1 or 2 years of college credit by taking duel purpose classes in high school to earn college credit.
  • What the FAFSA form is and why its important to complete in January each year.
  • The importance of researching potential college's average SAT scores, tuition and how generous they are with merit aide.

Resources Discussed

  • Online resource for scholarship opportunities to help pay for college
  • College Navigator Online resources to research average tuition, SAT and aide for colleges
  • College Data Online resources to research average tuition, SAT and aide for colleges

Visit How to Pay for College HQ to receive the free report : Top 5 Things Every Parent Should Know To Pay for College Without Loans

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